To travel back in time you don’t need a time machine like H.G. Wells created in his famous book, or a souped-up DeLorean like Marty McFly used in the movie Back to the Future. All you need is an interest in exploring a past life, an open mind, a willingness to suspend judgment, and a past life guide of some kind.

Some examples of past life guides I have used are: a hypnotherapist trained in past life regressions, intuitive Akashic Records reader, guided meditation journeys to past lives, a hypnosis CD, and simply being someplace where I have lived before.

Traveling back to a past life has been one of the most effective tools for me in clearing up old patterns of behavior, fears, guilt and shame. Understanding what happened that set the pattern in motion can do wonders in helping you untangle the web of events that ultimately cause you to get stuck, remain stuck and slip into unconscious acts of self-sabotage.

Yes, I’ve been there, done that and have the scars to show for it! My first experience with a past life regression came about because I was in a toxic marriage that I just could not seem to leave, even though I knew it was for the best for all involved. Although we both loved each other we were quickly going down for the third time. As my counselor said, “It is like you are in the middle of the ocean treading water. You might be able to keep your head above just enough to breathe, however he is sitting on your shoulders. As long as his head is above water, he doesn’t care where yours is. You have to do something or you will surely drown.”

I finally went to see a past life therapist, and the regression was amazing. Once I “saw” the events that made me feel obligated to stay in this marriage, and continually rescue and protect him, no matter what, I was able to forgive myself and others involved in something that happened over a thousand of years ago. And let it go. Unconsciously I had felt responsible for his death in a past lifetime, so I was always trying to make up for it in this life, which really wasn’t healthy for either of us.

After the regression, I was able to feel free again. The weight of unwarranted guilt dissolved away. Within a few days, I was able to file for divorce… and without any more guilt or regret. The pattern that I set up all those years ago was now healed for me and I could move on.

Being intuitive, I’ve also experienced what I call spontaneous regressions when I’ve visited a location where I’ve had a past life with strong emotional ties. It could be a lifetime I enjoyed immensely, as the life in London suggests. Or it can be traumatic, as a lifetime I had in France. Sometimes I get images and impressions, sometimes emotions or feelings, and other times the current environment simply gets replaced by one that is long gone. That can be a bit disconcerting!

Have you ever traveled somewhere and everything felt somehow familiar? If so, chances are you have lived there in another time. Have you ever instinctively navigated around a foreign country or city that you had not been to before? Well, I bet you have in another lifetime. And are you drawn to certain parts or the world, languages, music or foods? Or just “know things” that you had no way of knowing? Perhaps they are memories of a past life.

Past life explorations to ancient times has been interesting travel for me, as I never know what I’ll find there. Exploring past lives as a healing tool has benefitted me in so many ways. It has always been the fastest way for me to clear up karma and outmoded programming that holds me back. And it has filled my life with rich memories and new understanding and insights, like any travel destination might.

Because I found past life therapy to be so effective, I choose to train in it and become certified so I could help other people heal old pain, shame, guilt, resentments, relationship issues, etc. And I also enjoy being a past life guide for groups of people in workshops where they can explore another lifetime and bring back memories of talents and gifts they may have acquired a long, long time ago. Once you’ve learned and mastered something it is always part of who you are, even if it is lying dormant.

Another cool thing about past life time travel is you don’t need to pack any bags for your trip. In fact, just the opposite may occur… you let go of some of the old baggage you’ve been dragging around! Are you ready to lighten your load?

Uncovering Past Life Clues

If you are interested in doing a little time traveling yourself, here are some questions that can help you stimulate memories. And even if you think you are making it up, the story you create (whether or not it actually happened) will still provide you with insights and clues to what is really going on and what might be at the heart of an issue you are currently dealing with. Remember, check your judgments at the door!

1. If you could visit or live anywhere in the world, where would you go? Write down the top 3 places that pop into your mind and why you want to go there.

2. What would you expect to find there? Close your eyes and free associate. Write down the impressions you receive: people, sights, mood, emotions, smells, colors, etc. Do these impressions make you feel happy or sad, good or uncomfortable?

3. Are you attracted to, repelled by or neutral with foods from these 3 places?

4. Do you like or not care for movies or books that take place in this location/country/city?

5. Are there things in your home and/or wardrobe from these places or that remind you of these places (pictures, art, knick-knacks, colors, furniture, books, clothes, etc.)

6. Close your eyes for a couple of minutes and imagine the type of person you might have been if you lived in one of these places. Which place did you pick? What did you do there? Write down a couple of sentences about this story of you. It is ok to make it up. Your imagination may actually be triggering memories.

7. Where do you feel most at home and comfortable? (ocean, mountains, city, countryside, desert, urban, rural, etc.)

8. What period in history do you identify with most, or are fascinated with? Why?

9. Do you have any irrational fears (fear of something you’ve not experienced)? List whatever pops into your mind (snakes, drowning, fire, spiders, tight places, heights, planes, etc.)

10. Do you have special talents that you were born with (art, music, math, singing, athletics, crafts, science, languages, etc.)? You may have studied them further or put them aside, but these are things that came easy to you.

So you see, time travel is possible and with the right guide you can learn so much about your present.

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Karen skillfully blends intuition, wisdom and metaphysical and spiritual teachings with practical guidance, compassion and a wickedly playful sense of humor. She empowers healers, holistic practitioners, creatives and heart-centered professionals to get unstuck, take back their power, own their gifts and craft the life that their heart desires.
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A wise, passionate and expressive teacher and speaker, Karen is a lifelong student of metaphysics. From numerology to past-life therapy, her deep diverse training, humor and practical approach to spirituality permeates everything she does – whether it is at home, in a classroom, auditorium or private consultation. She lives in Arizona with her husband and six cats, two of which help in her healing practice.