A safe haven can be viewed as a refuge or a place to retreat. Believe it or not, your home is meant to “house” positive energy adding oomph to your soul. This is especially true when it comes time let go of the external world and pressures. It is important to bond with your home and create a relationship with your sacred home space that validates your truth, your values, your aspirations, and your heart. When you walk through your home it is a confirmation of your hard work, your beliefs, and your efforts. When you look around you should feel a rapid wave of energy jolting you right into your happy place. If your home doesn’t endorse who you are and what you love, there may be an immediate transformation shift necessary to revive the energy you once visualized for this sacred home space. Just like in our daily lives, our soul’s energy can become stagnant, taken for granted, or forgotten about. It is time to think back to the feelings you had when you first moved into your home space. What colors did you imagine? What artwork did you want to hang? What was your favorite room and why was it your favorite room? In life, we sometimes have to remove the cob webs and remember the original plan. So, what was your original plan for your home space? Think with me for a few minutes. If you are walking through the doors of your home carrying in the baggage belonging to the external world such as: pressures, demands, negative outlooks, and deadlines then it is time to learn to leave it where it belongs…and that is NOT in your home. Take a deep breath with me now because I want this to sink in. It is important to leave what does not positively serve the energy of your home away from your home. This is the very first step when it comes to restoring a healthy amount of energy powerfully right back where it belongs. Now, let’s uncover three immediate actionable steps you can take right now to heal the energy of your home: Step 1: Look around and get rid of the clutter. This is negative energy trying to trap your soul. Clutter sabotages energy and your ability to relax, restore, and bring back balance to your soul so that you can be great when you leave your home. Step 2: Immediately place something powerful that speaks to your soul within the entry way of your home. When you walk in the doors of your soon to be sanctuary, I want you to be reminded that your soul is alive and well. And it is reborn every time you walk through your doors. Step 3: Think of your favorite fragrance. How can you capture this scent so it fills your home? This automatically spikes up the energy of your home because smells are powerful and they energize you. What do you think you can expect from considering how to heal the energy of your home? You can expect to be presented with the gift of reconnecting with your private internal world. You can expect to become intentional about leaving what belongs to the world outside of your doors. You can expect to reconnect with your visions of what a home is supposed to feel like as soon as you walk through the doors. My friend, find your “home soul” again and revive the energy! The energy within your home propels you positively forward and it also propels the people you love within your home forward, as well.