Time to Squash this Now….

Being a leader in your own business or in your workplace is certainly no joke.  Accepting the role as a “leader” means you have taken responsibility to uphold certain duties, deadlines, outcomes, changes, ethics, values and forward movement.  You have become personally responsible for progress, development, coaching and mentoring.

I am a leader.

I have been a leader for well over fifteen years and over these years, I have come across different masks I have had to wear.  I think the biggest mask I wore and the biggest false illusion I carried for years was the mask of “having to know all the answers.”  This was a very heavy burden to carry and it was especially heavy when I launched my own coaching practice.  I literally thought that in order to have your own business you had to be an expert.  What sort of pressure do you think that was for me to carry?  I can tell you…it was a huge pressure.  This pressure stayed glued to me as I embarked upon many different leadership positions from entry level management, to regional management to being a business owner.  If you are a leader, I have a big fat secret to share with you…..

Being an expert is not what it takes, my friend.  Having to know all of the answers and solve the world’s problems within your biz or workplace is not the answer either.  You can breathe now.  Here are two things I want you to master at the moment.  Write them down:

  • You do not have to claim your title as an expert.  You merely have to be a leading authority in your industry and that takes work, dedication and commitment----all of which you are already likely doing.
  • You do not have to have all of the answers, which is why having a mentor, a personal board of advisories or a few sound like-minded people to bounce ideas and situations off is vital for your continued success as a leader.

With all of that said, you can let go of the pressure of solving all of the problems and presenting yourself as the expert.  When I started to drop into this space and shed the limited beliefs I placed upon myself, as a leader, I was able to do a few things.  Let me share with you:

  • I was able to lead freely and experience more influential flow
  • I was able to feel less stressed, pressured, and anxious which allowed me to tune more into the needs of my employees, clients, and loved ones
  • I was able to seek council and grow into my leadership role
  • I was able to create, build, and make more of an impact

How about you?

Are you placing a lot of pressure on yourself with your own business or in your workplace?

Are you trying to solve everything on your own or are you working overtime trying to present yourself as the only expert in town?

If so, consider this.

  • You were called to do the work you are doing.
  • This place where you are is by design and not by accident.
  • You are a leader because you were hand chosen to be a leader.
  • You must keep your passion alive.
  • You cannot kill it or dilute it by buying into the false beliefs we just discussed.
  • It is time to shed being perfect.
  • It is time to give yourself permission to lead as you go, to learn as you go, to solve as you go, to seek council as you go, and to let go of having to do it all.

Now go lead powerfully.  Lead from your inner passion.  Be the best you there is and rock your business or your position by holding your head high.  You are not perfect, but you are darn close!

Leading together,



Kristin Smith is a trained coach who seeks to empower women to step into their best life now. No excuses! She left her corporate life to explore the world of business and life coaching. Kristin received her Master's degree from the University of Northern Colorado and graduated from Coach Training Alliance and now powerfully coaches women in business and in life.
Kristin is a mover and a shaker. She spent many years plagued by the disease to please and was ready to get clear on her life and what she was divinely designed to do, which was to live on purpose. If you are looking to go from inaction to action in your life, career, business or as a stepmom seeking to be powerfully amazing, contact her today!