Intuitive, Spiritual Teacher, Speaker, Author, Mentor Karen skillfully blends intuition, wisdom and metaphysical and spiritual teachings with practical guidance, compassion and a wickedly playful sense of humor. She empowers healers, holistic practitioners, creatives and heart-centered professionals to get unstuck, take back their power, own their gifts and craft the life that their heart desires. Her business is The Life Crafting Guide, where she specializes in helping smart and talented women get out of their own way, connect with their calling and live life on purpose. And learn to love, accept and appreciate themselves! A wise, passionate and expressive teacher and speaker, Karen is a lifelong student of metaphysics. From numerology to past-life therapy, her deep diverse training, humor and practical approach to spirituality permeates everything she does – whether it is at home, in a classroom, auditorium or private consultation. She lives in Arizona with her husband and six cats, two of which help in her healing practice.



guide to natural beauty


Use this guide as a companion to inspire you with ideas of how to achieve a more harmonious relationship with your body, how to glow on the inside so that it is reflected on the outside, and how to come to peace with your natural gifts - we all have permission to shine!

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