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Does Life Have To Be So Hard?

Life’s a struggle. Work hard. Fight to win. It isn’t easy. Making money is hard. Have you ever heard or thought any of these things? Do you believe they’re true? Where and when did you buy into this? You may have learned in early childhood that: Life is a struggle You have to work hard to be rewarded You have to fight for what you want Money doesn’t grow on trees. These concepts are often embedded in our subconscious mind as a belief or a truth. It is something you may not question, but I bet you complain about...

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Mom’s the Word

Motherhood may be natural yet it isn’t easy. Becoming a mother doesn’t come with a guidebook. And too often mothers try to hold themselves to an ideal that isn’t practical or achievable. Being a mother is such an important role. It is one to be honored and humbled by. It is one where your thoughts, words and actions have a powerful effect on the development of a fledgling. It requires commitment and sacrifice, empathy and compassion. It requires patience and resourcefulness. It may even require learning how to put another’s needs first… at least for a while... without permanently...

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How to Time Travel

To travel back in time you don’t need a time machine like H.G. Wells created in his famous book, or a souped-up DeLorean like Marty McFly used in the movie Back to the Future. All you need is an interest in exploring a past life, an open mind, a willingness to suspend judgment, and a past life guide of some kind. Some examples of past life guides I have used are: a hypnotherapist trained in past life regressions, intuitive Akashic Records reader, guided meditation journeys to past lives, a hypnosis CD, and simply being someplace where I have lived before....

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Your Guiding Light

Are you doing things that make your soul sing and bring joy to your heart? Or are you dragging yourself through endless lists of to-dos and should-dos that are slowly sucking the life force out of you? Is it possible to live and work from a place of joy? Can you let joy be your guiding light, your homing beacon? Can you really thrive instead of survive when joy is your guide? Yes. Absolutely, unequivocally, Yes! When I first launched my business in 2009, I came at it from a practical goal-setting and planning approach that I learned so...

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Would You Rather Be Happy or Right?

What? Be Happy or Right? I can’t have both you might ask. Well, it depends. You can be right without needing to be right. In that case, happy and right can peacefully coexist. Or you can have a deep-seated need to be right. In this case, the subconscious need to be right will get in the way of your prolonged happiness. You see the need to be right stems from a belief that you are not good enough or ok or acceptable “as is.” It is one of the many ways that low self-esteem asserts itself. It is a...

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Resistance is Futile!

How do you feel about change? Do you resist it or open your arms wide to embrace it? Perhaps you take up residence in the Land of Denial and pretend that everything is going to stay just the way it is forever and it will all be just peachy. Or maybe you go into hunker-down mode and try to control various aspects of the change... and negotiate with change: “you can change this but not that.” Where change is concerned, if you’re not opening your arms to it you are resisting it. Resisting is futile. It won’t stop change...

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