The Present Mind


A present can be described as something that you give to someone ? a gift. Gifts come in different shapes and sizes. Often it is something that is tangible. You may be able to eat it, or use it more than once. A gift can last for an eternity, as it can be intangible and something that you can use for a long time. One gift that may be very valuable is an insight, or knowledge; because unlike a tangible, it cannot be taken away.


When I was growing up, in my household, a good education was a high commodity. My parents would say, ?no matter what material possessions you may have, once you have a good education then this will never been taken away. You will have it, always?. This made sense. Le look at an entrepreneur who has made their first million, then becomes bankrupt overnight. Often you will hear them coming back bigger and bolder! Point is that they had the ?know how? or knowledge to come back; as their knowledge could not be taken away. Part of them also returning is linked to mindset. How they believed deep down that they could make visions reality, no matter what. They felt it, before it came to materialize. Some of you whom may be familiar with the Law of Attraction or other laws relating to manifesting will be familiar with this theme.

?Don?t look a gift-horse in the mouth?

The interesting thing about a gift is sometimes we may not acknowledge that there is one being presented to us. As mentioned in the opening, people can understand a gift that is tangible, wrapped up in shiny paper, more so than an intangible one. I am referring to some life lessons. Here is one story that occurs quite often: We are faced with an event that may be challenging. It may feel at the time as, ?why is this happening? or ?I'm going through a crap time?. During this period, we are seeing threats, weaknesses, like that of a SWOT (Strength Weakness Opportunity and Threat) analysis. We may not see any good at the moment. Another person may see it differently, referring back to the SWOT; the weakness may actually be turned into strength.

?Darn, I?ve been hit again by a curve ball?

This week, something happened and I thought to myself, ?Darn [pardon my French], I?ve been hit by another curve ball?. I wanted to cry, and I did not as I like to follow the philosophy, ?I prefer to laugh than cry?. [Crying can be a good release by the way] Maybe God or the Universe was testing whether I had a sense of humour. Or perhaps, there was a gift there ? the intangible one ? that I could not see. There can also be something to gain. For example by coming out of your comfort zone; and pushing yourself and realizing new opportunities.

So next time when that curve ball hits you, consider the following:

Present1. Take a breath and pause, allow the emotions to flow and release them.

2. Is it a weakness that you can turn into strength?

3. Is it a threat that you can turn into an opportunity?

4. Can it make you explore and grow as a person?

5. Can you feel it making you lighter? For example, maybe you will not have to interact with a person or situation that is negative.

6. Will it kill you? Yes, it may be dramatic ? point here is that it is never as bad as you think.

7. What is the worst that can happen? Sometimes it is the fear of an unknown or unlikelihood.

8. Remind your self that it is all working out for your greater good.

Question: Will you be seeing an opportunity?