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Issue: The Inspiring Women Issue

Bernie's Choice

“Could you pass me a cupcake?”  “No, not that one,” she replied. “One of those ones.” Pointing to the cakes at the furthest corner of the table from us all.  As my boyfriend leant over the party spread to get one for her, she took the opportunity to goose him good and proper. “NANNY!” I proclaimed in utter horror.  This was a new boyfriend. We’d only been together a few weeks at this point and thought an intimate family gathering would be a nice opportunity for him to meet some of my family. And it was turning out to...

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From The Editor's Desk

This month I am pleased to bring you stories from our expert coaches as they share what woman or women have most inspired them throughout their lives and in their work. When we think about women who inspire us, we have many fine examples to draw from, particularly in the media and arts. I love how this month our experts have been inspired to honour the women in their lives that have inspired them to be better women, to grow and to reach out and pass the baton of inspiration further afield. If you think about it, you will...

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What Would Gwen Do?

When I was in my late twenties, I had absolutely no direction in my life. I was finding my world extremely hard to make sense of. You know that feeling when your brain cannot contain all the thoughts and feelings you have? Well, that. My passion and creativity for dreaming up numerous life- changing goals were off the charts. At the time, I lacked the confidence to make any of those dreams happen. I started believing that I didn't have 'enough time' or 'enough money' to complete my dream goals, so why bother? Oh yeah, and just when I found...

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Many Voices

In my lifetime I have had a lot of inspiring people to influence me in my career and in life in general. I can say from day one, my mother is one of the most inspiring and most influential to me. She is the strongest, most genuine, hardworking, real person I have ever met. If she was presented with a challenge, she would attack it with gusto.  She never backed down from a challenge and never gave up. This was in her business life as well as her personal.  She worked hard for everything she has and she has...

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If The Devil Wears Prada…

...Then The Angel Wears Manning Cartel   It was my first year back working in Australia after nearly two years overseas living in London and travelling through Europe.As I walked into my new workplace, I saw her come towards me…she was dressed immaculately and carried herself with such composure. Like a swan, she glided so gracefully, in fact she would not have looked out of place in a high-end Parisian movie scene. Yet this beautiful, tall brunette had a warmth and smile on her face that naturally drew people towards her. Little did I know at the time that...

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Close To Home

When I think of inspirational woman, and more specifically women who inspire me, I realise the list could be long…..very long. I immediately think of: Malala Yousafzai Oprah Louise Hay Cleopatra Amelia Earhart Rosa Parks Ita Buttrose And I could go on. So many inspiring women, all for different reasons, from different times, from different places but they usually have a strength and authenticity in common. They share the determination not to be kept quiet and they refuse to do only that which is expected or currently accepted. They speak up, they stand proud and they often so against...

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Stand For Something

Sometimes we get stuck, we get so stuck that we don’t know what we have been put onto this earth for. We feel bored or guilty for wanting a different life. When I hit rock bottom I was drinking too much alcohol, eating takeaway regularly and was sad all the time.

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Don't you just love it when you attend something with absolutely no expectations and then you are pleasantly surprised with the experience? Well, this is exactly what happened to me on a warm Saturday night in late 2015 when I (and two other fabulous women) went to see Oprah live! Now, I have never been a huge fan of that type of television. The screeching that comes from those live audience members is enough to turn my brain to mush, but seeing Oprah live, with two awesome ladies by my side, is an experience that I'm glad I didn't...

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Cover Story – Happiness Ninja

I recently caught up with inspirational coach and Happiness Ninja Marie-Claire Ashcroft. Apart from being a Happiness Ninja, she can also be found out and about with her camera, organising Unicorn Club events and running the I Dare You movement.

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