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The Energetics of Kinesiology


Energetic Kinesiology takes a holistic look at how your body is working. Through gentle muscle monitoring techniques I can determine where there are stresses in both your body and your life.

Things like emotional issues, dietary stresses and energy blockages can all cause your body to work at a less then optimal level. The imbalances can cause you pain, discomfort, issues with sleep, weight and energy levels.

Once the stress has been identified we can start the healing process by using a variety of tools, some of which are listed below. A session usually lasts for about an hour but some kinesiologists run sessions for as short as ½ an hour or as long as an hour and a half.

So what is Muscle Monitoring?

Muscle monitoring is a biofeedback technique that uses the subconscious muscle response as a feedback tool. In Energetic Kinesiology we are looking to see what the integrity of the muscle is like in response to an external stimuli. The brain is continually sending impulses to your muscles telling them to either tense up or relax depending on what you are trying to do. As a kinesiologist we are testing to see what this connection is like. Is the brain communicating its messages correctly? Once we have confirmed that it is we can start checking for stresses.

As an example of how this works, when you think about someone you love, your muscle will stay strong. The body likes the feeling of love and there is usually no stress in the body (although it is possible for some people to have an issue around “love”).

If however you think about something that makes you angry, your brain stops sending the messages to your muscle and you will no longer be able to hold it strong. This is because the emotion of anger causes a stress in your body. This monitoring can also be applied for broader applications such as whether a food substance, smell, chemical or anything else that you come in contact is causing you stress.

So what happens when the stressor is found?

The body wants to naturally be in balance so once the stress is identified the brain is now aware of an imbalance. It wants your body to return to homeostasis so it will show through further muscle monitoring what we can do to balance away the stressor.

There are many tools are kinesiologist can use and here are a few:

Applying pressure to parts of the body while discussing an emotion is the main tool most kinesiologists will use. The pressure points that are usually used all relate to the 14 meridians that Chinese Acupuncturist use. Some of these points can be quite tender so care is used when applying the pressure or rubbing the points.

Essential oils can be used as the power of inhaling a fragrance can bring back vivid memories or emotions that need to be cleared, or they can help bring us back into the present time when using oils that are invigorating or energising.

Looking at a colour can change the way the brain is perceiving information or placing a colour on the body can bring the energy of the colour into a person’s vibrational field. Colours like yellow, red or orange can be used to either uplift the person. Whereas colours like blues, greens or purples can soothe them.

Making a certain sound, such as humming or forcing a laugh can shift the energy of a person through the vibration pulsating through the body from the inside out. External sounds such as playing a Tibetan singing bowl or Native American Drum over a person’s body pulsates sound from the outside to the inside and can be extremely soothing.

Flower essences work on the emotional subtle body of a person. I had a young boy years ago go from being extremely restless to calm in the space of 5 minutes with just 5 drops of an Australian Bush Flower essence under his tongue. This stuff really works!

Crystals would have to be one of my favourite tools. Each crystal has a unique energy imprint and can influence a person’s energy field. I would usually muscle monitor to see which crystal should be used and where it needs to be placed on the body. I would then give the client the same crystal to take home with them.

There are many more tools then those listed above and some are unique to the practitioner and their knowledge base so each kinesiologist and even each session can be quite different.

So does a stress mean forever?

Just because something causes a stress in the body now, does not mean that it will always cause a stress. Sometimes things can cause a stress for a period of time while someone goes through an emotional trial or event in their life. Even emotions such as love can cause a person stress if they have had a bad experience with it (such as a relationship breakdown) or the smell of geranium essential oil may make you feel sick because of a negative childhood memory.

After clearing a stress through a series of kinesiology balances, the symptoms, pain or emotional response can quite often disappear for a period of time or even for good!

Kinesiology is an extremely versatile healing modality and can work on many issues. I haven’t mentioned that it is also a wonderful tool for helping with learning issues or physical muscle pain, but it can. The skills of the practitioner, their experience and knowledge will change from person to person, so if you find that kinesiology did not work for your issue sometimes it can be beneficial to try another practitioner. Asks questions before you make the booking. Ask them what their qualifications are, who their usual clients are and what they are passionate about and this should give you an indication on whether they can help you with your issues.

My name is Carolyn and I have been a practicing Kinesiologist for over 4 years. I am a mother to 2 beautiful school age kids and wife to a wonderfully supportive husband, all who have been my “guinea pigs” over my years of study. I have studied a variety of different Kinesiology techniques including Professional Kinesiology Practitioner, Brain Gym, LEAP and Primitive Reflexes.

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