In This Issue 7


We are moving along very nicely at Smart Healthy Women Magazine, and we trust that you are too!

But you know, sometimes life can get us all down at one time or another, and so with this issue we offer you ways to get on the upswing of life again by sharing some insightful and fun strategies from our fabulous authors, experts and coaches! I invite you to sit down, kick your shoes off, and prepare to start changing your life for the better.

We kick off this issue with a look at some great tips on taking some much needed time out in your life with new SHW Mag author, naturopath and medical intuitive Kate Reardon, while our happiness coach Sophia Husbands gives some insight to some of the common cycles of life.

Then our fitness expert Fiona Compston provides some practical advice for women recovering from breast cancer wanting to regain their fitness, and your Editor gives you some tips on getting back to quality sleep. If you ever wanted to know how to overcome disappointment, then Nathalia de Ahna has some great strategies for getting back on track.

Dr Elizabeth King discusses the importance of self care to be at your best for everyone in your life. Our favourite hypnotherapist and weight loss expert Nicola Humber shows us why resilience is such an important skill to master, while naturopath and Spring Cleanse specialist Sue Hardman provides three awesome tips on boosting energy.

And we welcome new author and Law of Attraction expert Johnny Carter who shows us how to put LOA to work at work so we can create more harmony there, and lastly yours truly shows you a simply healthy green smoothie recipe that can be adapted to the seasons and your mood.

We trust that you enjoy this sumptious feast of goodness and practical tips and remember, if you have any questions or comments then do feel free to drop us a line at [email protected] – we'd love to hear from you.