My partner and I are both complicated people - like anyone we have our flaws and our set beliefs and approaches to things.

Three years of falling in love hard, liking each other, disliking each other, battles, breakups and challenges of illness, pregnancy loss, loss in general and mental breakdowns.

We learn more every week and we grow stronger.

It's easy to give up and start over with someone new. But we are both aware that if we gave up what we've found it will be a regret neither of us want to have when we are old, we don't want to wonder "what if", we don't want to realise we gave up - nothing worth having comes easily.

And we are SO worth having.

We recognise our thoughts as they come and we examine them, if we are angry or upset at the other we recognise that we are actually angry or upset with ourselves.

We communicate, appreciate and empathise.

If we have thoughts of leaving- we realise we are in fact thinking of leaving ourselves due to losing the grasp on other areas of our lives and taking it out on each other.

The more we practice this, the stronger our connection is, which leads to deep understanding and admiration, amazing sex, lots of laughs and mindful conversation.

When you're in love it makes sense to stay, it makes no sense to leave unless you want regrets, 'what ifs' and the feeling of never knowing.

I know that we will look back on our lives together proud of what we've fought for, and the empire we've built.

We don't give up, because in a world full of quitters we decide to win - every single day.


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