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Welcome to Smart Healthy Women Magazine, a beacon of inspiration and empowerment for women around the globe. Our mission? To guide women towards joyful, fulfilled lives imbued with purpose, by delivering expert insights and practical advice in areas that matter most to women – health, fitness, food choices, mindfulness, well-being, relationships, career, money and family.

Hello, I'm Estelle Williams, the founder of Smart Healthy Women Magazine. Our platform was born out of the aspiration to encourage women to step boldly into their power each day. We provide expert strategies, invaluable tips, and actionable advice from some of the best, yet often under-recognized minds globally. Our contributing experts share a collective ambition – to empower, support, and positively impact as many women as they can.

With a background in Information Technology, Coaching, and Consulting, I've dedicated my career to helping women unlock their hidden strengths. I recognized that many talented coaches could catalyze profound shifts in their clients' lives. However, their vital messages were being lost amidst a sea of mediocrity, fueled by superficial marketing campaigns and inflated advertising budgets. And beneath the glossy exterior of these ‘gurus', their expertise often failed to withstand close scrutiny.

And thus, Smart Healthy Women Magazine was born. We've designed our online platform to give these extraordinary experts a voice, allowing them to reach and transform as many lives as today's technology allows, and that, my friends, is an extraordinary number!

What do we represent? We embody the power of synchronicity. In simpler words, we believe you've landed on our page at this moment for a reason.

We offer direct access to our brilliant experts and their offerings, including exclusive deals on strategic programs that provide tangible, life-altering results.

We invite your engagement, and we're here to answer your burning questions in our areas of expertise, promising no-nonsense, candid responses.

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In love and light,

Estelle Williams