Smart Healthy Women Magazine was created to inspire smart women everywhere to live more joyful, loving lives filled with meaning and purpose by offering strategies and tips direct from experts in diverse areas of concern to women such as health, fitness, food choices, mindfulness, well-being, relationships, career, money and family.

What do we represent?

We believe in synchronicity – in other words, you have found us at this time for a reason.

We bring to you the latest information and some controversy too, especially where our information may fly in the face of established advice or doctrine. We know that you expect us to cut the BS and give you the best choices of information and that is our main focus. We believe that with all the noise and fluff out there in a lot of media outlets, that sometimes you just need some soul-nourishing and a place you can trust to look after you. We’re just like your big sister!

You also have direct access to our fabulous experts offerings, and we include special offers on some of the most effective strategic programs that give you real results.

We’d love to hear from you, especially if you have questions in our areas of expertise and want a no BS, shoot-from-the-hip answer.

Smart Healthy Women Magazine is an online magazine and free resource that provides real strategies, how-tos and tips to women the world over. Our online site reaches over 2 million people from all walks of life and provides ideas and assistance in areas as diverse as fitness, health, relationships, family, career, diet and business. This is where the majority of our authors are published. We use a paywall model for our magazine – this helps us with the care and feeding of the magazine and helps to mitigate our running costs while providing our readers with an ad-free experience at the same time as having access to life-changing strategies. Life is too short to be constantly bombarded with distracting and irrelevant ‘ad noise’ – don’t you agree? With our paywall model you can read 3 articles before being required to purchase a subscription at a very modest price.

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Hi there, my name is Estelle Williams and I started Smart Healthy Women Magazine with the idea of empowering women with the best information from the best experts on the planet – they may not be household names (yet) but they all have one thing in common. The desire to help and support as many women in our world as they are physically able to. And that is where I have stepped in.

Having a background in Information Technology, Coaching, Consulting and empowering women, I could see that there were many who have the desire, the skills and the talent to make quantum shifts with their clients. The only trouble is, their message is getting swamped in a sea of mediocrity backed by slick marketing and advertising dollars. But the expertise those slick gurus are selling, when you scratch the surface, doesn’t really stand up to scrutiny.

This online magazine was created to provide a forum and platform for these wonderful experts to reach and transform as many women in the world as the amazing technology available to us today permits. Which – is – a – lot!

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