Dr Leandra Brady-Walker is The Cosmopolitan Hippy. She helps women to find the balance between raging party girl and blissed out hippy all while nourishing their inner goddess. A typical busy modern woman, Chiropractor, award winning business owner, author, domestic goddess and mummy to a toddler she is a woman who wants it all. Good food, a fast paced fashionable lifestyle and good health, she knows how to strike that balance. If you've ever wanted to be healthier without giving up the cocktails, chocolate, heels or beauty products you've found your gal. Currently living and working in tropical Darwin Australia, Leandra spend her days as a Chiropractor. By night, she is the Cosmopolitan Hippy, writing books, recipes and running various programs that teach women how not to give up the life they love, while loving and respecting their bodies at the same time.