Charita Cadenhead, Exit Strategist, Founder of Renew Refresh Reset Your Life, Author and Speaker. As an Exit Strategist and Speaker, Charita helps people EXIT out of their comfort zones and fears so that they can ENTER into their purpose, passions, desires and goals. Renew Refresh Reset is all about hitting that reset button in your life and letting go of what's holding you back so that you can move forward without the weight of the past. Renew Refresh Reset Your Life is designed to you people back on their life's track and keep you steadily on your track in pursuit of your passion, purpose, desires and goals. Charita coaches individuals and groups and speaks to a wide array of audiences in the workplace, seminars and workshops. Charita is also a licensed Realtor® in the State of Alabama serving Bham, AL, Co-author of two books, “I Am Woman ” (Release date February 2016) and "Sell Your House Fast for the Right Price”, Member of I Am Woman Network Visionary 40 and Member of Toastmasters.