I invite you now, just for a minute, to step away from the deafening roar of societal pressures. I invite you to softly shut the door on damning body-shaming, dietary guilt and vapid finger-pointing and encourage you, just for now, to forget all the things that you “should” be doing. The food you should be eating, the BMI you should be obtaining, the beauty regime you should be following and the way that – despite all these external pressures – you should still be able to love your body.

I invite you, as you read this article, to lovingly turn your back on the centuries of culture and tradition that have spawned these ideals (they will be there when you return) and step with me into a deeper, simpler, more natural perception of your body.

Because your body is exquisite. Your body is an amazing and complex expression of nature; an unfathomable tapestry of chemical and energetic processes and reactions, stitched together over billions of years of evolution. It is a mystery so deep that, even today, medical science is baffled by many of your body’s capabilities.

Your body is a wondrous example of balance, rejuvenation and renewal; a tireless and relentless healing machine that regenerates trillions of new cells each day and wards off most infections and disease with absolute ease. Your body is an intricate and inherent part of this universe. It is, quite literally, made of stardust and contains within it all the beauty of the universe around you; the stars, the galaxies, the very Earth you live on … all of these things are a part of YOU and your body.

Put simply, your body is a magical, miraculous and exquisite masterpiece and, most remarkable of all, your body is the best friend, wisest advisor and most powerful ally you could ever imagine!

Over the last hundred years, science has provided clinical evidence that, as a wondrous creation of nature, your body is incredibly intuitive. Even when your mind is muddled with doubt, worry or over-analysing, your body is constantly reacting to the truth behind your life’s experiences.

This natural intuition comes from your interconnectedness with the universe around you – a sub-atomic connection that is both inherent and inescapable. Even when you are not aware, this universal connection resonates in your cells; it influences your subconscious reactions and affects your equilibrium. Therefore, with a little self-awareness and the simple tools below, your body can be the single most important factor to creating greater freedom, happiness and success.

How to listen to your body to enjoy:

Healthier relationships

For more accurate insights into your relationships, learn your body’s “default” setting. When at rest, are you highly energised, or are you zen-like? Does your body have any naturally tense areas? What is your emotional state when you are alone?

Then, practice self-awareness as often as possible. Pay attention to any changes in your default setting and note your body's reactions to certain people. Acknowledge any unusual or inexplicable physical reactions - particularly in the gut. Do you feel energised in this person’s presence, or do you feel drained after every interaction with them? Your body is particularly sensitive to others’ intentions and underlying emotional state - take note if you are ever affected by sudden or inexplicable emotions.

More empowered decisions

Your intuitive body does not adhere to the same prejudices and patterns as your mind, so it can be a powerful tool when making decisions. Learn what "the truth" feels like to you. What does it feel like when you are being completely open and honest? What reaction does your body have when you are being dishonest? Learn the difference, and pay close attention if an opportunity or course of action causes your body to have a "dishonesty" reaction. Look for the “truth”, that sense of lightness and ease, in all of your decisions.

Healthier, more natural timing

These days, we mainly rely on man-made concepts of time to run our lives (the calendar and the clock), however, your body is more closely aligned with the subtle, natural rhythms of nature and life. Happiness and success is more easily obtained when we stop resisting the natural timing of our lives and work with its inherent flow. With awareness, your body will help you recognize what life is naturally presenting to you; the phases of activity and of rest; of growth and reflection; of deconstruction and re-gathering. Listen to these phases, and try not to resist them in favor of man-made concepts of time. This may be as simple as eating only when hungry, waking naturally on the weekends, cleaning out the house when you feel inspired or cancelling social outings when you feel the need to be alone.

To learn more about your body’s natural intuition, feel free to visit my blog.

Kim is an intuitive consultant, writer and educator with 15 years’ experience as a professional intuitive and spiritual teacher. Her work involves blending real, measurable and factual scientific findings with traditional understandings to provide spiritual education that makes sense in the modern day.
She is a regular contributor to MariaShriver.com, has published numerous articles across Australia and the USA, and is currently completing her first book; a scientific exploration of real-life psychic insights and inspiration.