Ruled by Virgo, The Hermit heralds an extremely positive phase in your life where the foundations of your future are being constructed. It may feel, however, like a frustrating time because you cannot see the fruits of what is being built now.

You prefer to spend time alone or with a few close friends and family, and take little pleasure in social occasions which you previously enjoyed. This is only a phase and you will put yourself back out in the world, but for now you are happy with your own quiet company.

This is a time to take your own counsel, learn to listen to, trust and follow your intuition and become familiar with the voice of your inner guide. You may meet someone outside your circle who acts as a guide and a teacher, someone who inspires the seeking of answers within yourself.

There is nothing superficial about The Hermit and he arrives with his lantern to light the way and to guide you to the truth of your own being - it is a solemn journey that you are being called to embark on, but no less enjoyable for that - indeed, it is the most important journey you could ever take.

Don't listen to the nay-sayers, who know all the answers yet live lives of such misery themselves, but do confide and trust in those like-minded individuals in your inner circle.

If you find yourself alone a lot during this time, don't equate it with loneliness as that is something different altogether - use this time to enrich your spirit and your mind and to seek resolutions and forgiveness within yourself for any unresolved situations or relationships from the past.

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