Stop “Just” Absorbing and Start Unleashing!

Surrounding yourself with positive influence and taking the time to uncover tips to overcome some of the hardest obstacles you will ever face in life are very important aspects to personal development.

Inspirational words, encouragement, and other forms of motivation help to push you forward, especially when you feel ready for a new start or ready to recover from a tough situation. But I have to ask you - when does all of this become just a little too much? When do you start to actually apply what you already know?

I ask this because I was once stuck here. I felt like I needed to read “one more” book and listen to “one more” video and attend “one more” conference and hire “one more coach” before I could put myself out there. Before I could start to heal the wounds or change my life and take the necessary action-based steps I needed to take, I believed I needed to stop and read more and work through “more inspiration.”

And then I realized I was staying stuck and simply not moving. I had to trust that I had all the information I needed at the time to make a move and stay consistent with the actionable steps necessary to sustain the motivation required to sustain the success I was after.

This brings me to you. Do you think you possibly could be spending “too” much time in front of all of the “feel good stuff” causing you not to make any real progress at all? Is it time to tap into all of the gems you have already uncovered and put them into action? Let me take the time to remind you of a few things. Are you ready?

Reminder #1:

You are enough right now, today. You have all you need to take that simple step forward, even if it is a tiny little baby step, you are ready.

Reminder #2:

You already know there will never be a perfect time and you will never have the right amount of resources you think you need, so make use of what you DO have today. I promise you will unearth resources you had no idea where within your reach right now.

Reminder #3:

Balance the feel good stuff with actual action. For every chapter you read, come up with an actionable step that you WILL take now. With every beautiful and inspiring video you watch, take one nugget and run with it.

So stop just absorbing and start unleashing!

Kristin Smith is a trained coach who seeks to empower women to step into their best life now. No excuses! She left her corporate life to explore the world of business and life coaching. Kristin received her Master's degree from the University of Northern Colorado and graduated from Coach Training Alliance and now powerfully coaches women in business and in life.
Kristin is a mover and a shaker. She spent many years plagued by the disease to please and was ready to get clear on her life and what she was divinely designed to do, which was to live on purpose. If you are looking to go from inaction to action in your life, career, business or as a stepmom seeking to be powerfully amazing, contact her today!