Say yes (yes, yes, YES!) to good sex.

So, what does good sex look like?

After a few conversations with both my lady and gentleman friends I've gathered a bit of information that I'm eager to share with my smart healthy ladies....

The reoccurring conclusion to the conversations was this-

"I'd rather have NO sex than BAD sex."

And I wholeheartedly agree.

First off there was lots of talk about sexual connection, that feeling of "knowing" before you've even touched the other person that the connection is already there and you have that amazing energy where everything really flows well and you end up having mind blowing passionate sex without any awkwardness, unease or in my friends words "wishing it hadn't happened."

I'm not talking exclusively about one night stands. This can happen in relationships, marriages or you lucky b******s in the honeymoon period.

There are no words to describe the feeling of that real caught-in-the-moment... connected, intense understanding that you're both completely 'in the zone'.

I believe that the desire for yourself and the other person has to be equal. I think that if you want good sex- you need to pretty much find yourself and your body both intriguing and amazing. You need to care that YOU are going to have a good time.

As a woman I know our bodies are damn complicated at times, but also A-MAZ-ING so appreciate it. Because in my experience when you find a partner who also appreciates all that you are, all that your body is capable of and all of your energy.. Damn gurl you are all set for (lots of) good times together.



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