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An ivadore© Product Review

Here at Smart Healthy Women Magazine we get the opportunity to review many products that are marketed as designed to improve health, happiness, beauty and wellbeing. We don’t believe in reviewing products for the sake of it though and instead like to present products we come across that we believe deliver on their promise.

Earlier this year I reviewed a new two-in-one tanning signature product from ivadore©, the brainchild of Tanya Felli. And so when I was asked if I would like to review the next line of ivadore© products, the ‘Feature It’ skincare range, I didn’t hesitate to agree.

“Whilst we all have different skin, with different needs, there’s many common issues and there’s also many common goals, for example most of us value anti-ageing properties in our skincare, and in actual fact it’s important that we have them, even from the age of 20, because the damage is happening then even though it may not show up until our 40s. So when we formulated the ‘Feature It’ range we placed significant emphasis on the common desire to preserve the youthful appearance of the skin.”

Tanya Felli

Founder, ivadore

The products I was sent to trial were Revive, Nurture and Love. Each core product also has add-ons for specific skin types. All of these products are made from natural and organic ingredients with no nasties in sight, which we feel is essential for skincare products.

Feature It Range


Claims: Unglues and removes dead skin and softens, firms and rejuvenates newly revealed cells to create a smooth and vibrant complexion.

When I first tried this product my skin admittedly was looking a bit tired. Long hours in front of the computer screen were not doing my skin any favours. I used this product just once per week and found it smoothed out my skin and had a very pleasant, tingly effect from the AHA and BHA that wasn’t harsh at all. After washing it off my skin looked brighter and clearer. I think the key to this product is using it over the long term to reap the ongoing benefits of an exfoliating polish.

Add ons:*

Awaken & Renew for mature/dry/dull skin

Dragons Blood Rescue & Restore for combination/oily/congested/problematic skin


Claims: Penetrates the skin quickly, delivering active ingredients deep into the skin and helps prevent pre-mature ageing and promotes radiance.

This product was my favourite – it’s a serum that has antioxidant qualities and is very light and glides on the skin easily. A very little goes a long way. It contains coffee seed extract, organic gingko biloba extract, organic rose water and baobab oil as well as a range of concentrated vitamins such as E, C, B3, B5 and B6. My skin drinks this serum in and after several weeks of using it my skin looks and feels more nourished.

Add ons:*

Peptide Defence for mature/dry/dull skin

Dragons Blood Rescue & Restore for combination/oily/congested/problematic skin


Claims: Soothes, nourishes, deeply hydrates and protects the skin. Fights free radicals to prevent pre-mature ageing. The final product in the 'Feature It' range that I tested was the Love deluxe oil treatment. I used this each day after the Nurture Serum. This product was heavier on the skin than the other two, which would be expected from the main oil ingredients – organic camellia, shea and marula oils.

It also contains watermelon, muskmelon and neroli oils. I needed to use several drops of this oil on my face, and while my skin appears quite shiny after applying the product, it very soon is absorbed into the skin. It has a faint parsley-like scent which is not unpleasant and the oil itself feels very nourishing.

Add ons:*

Army of Antioxidants for mature/dry/dull skin

War On Red for combination/oily/congested/problematic skin

*The add-on products were not reviewed.


I would say that after several weeks of use, these products in combination have made a positive difference to the texture and brightness of my skin so would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a healthier, organic and gentle skin care regime.

One of the most misunderstood areas of modern skincare is the ingredient list that goes in to deliver the (often wildly incredible) cosmetic promise – we're so willing to overlook the possible toxicity of a miracle ingredient if it implies it will deliver eternal youth or its equivalent. But eternal youth is of no use if the product you are putting on your skin is delivering a toxic load to your liver and your lymphatic system!

There is also a persistent belief that if an ingredient is natural then it will not be as effective – this is nonsense of course but the pharmaceutical industry has done its job by instilling a belief that lab manufactured miracle ingredients are far more potent and therefore desirable (at a premium of course!). In contrast to this, I was pleasantly surprised by the very affordable prices on the ivadore© range and think you'll agree.

Revive retails for just $45 for a 60ml bottle, Nurture is $65 for a 30ml bottle and Love is $58 for the 20ml size. The customisation add-ons for mature/dry/dull skin types cost just $25 each and $15 each for the combination/oily/congested/problematic skin types.

You can purchase the ivadore© range, including 'Feature It' products from (Australian customers only).

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