A huge part of success in business is our ability to master our own thinking and emotions in day to day activities, and especially when challenges or unexpected moments occur.

Inevitably, even when we are successful, there are moments where our confidence can be thrown. Sometimes just stepping into something new brings up a whole new area of uncertainty or fear for a business owner. At other times, a best laid plan or business launch can have major glitches which often can be completely out of your control, but still incredibly frustrating. And other times, someone who works for you (or you yourself) have may have made an error.

How you handle yourself in each moment, your emotional reactivity and your actions, will determine how effective you can be in any of the above scenarios. And this will impact the success of your business.

Most likely, you have come up against challenges before, and my guess is they’ve happened more than one time in the course of your business and life.

You see, what we do in one situation or setting is often how we do things in others. So unless you are willing to stop and look at any patterns that are no longer serving you, you will continue to create those same patterns of thinking and actions and get the same or similar outcomes. However, there are also things you can do to overcome setbacks.

I have seen business masters use their own “challenges” and turn them into powerful learning and growth opportunities, ultimately creating greater connection with their audience. In fact, humans thrive on crisis at times so without wanting some big blunder to occur, if it does you can master it. This in the end will have potential to bring you closer to your customers (connection) which you can then leverage in a positive way.

You see, there will always be glitches, moments fear overcomes you and challenges that don’t go exactly the way you had hoped. No matter how hard and how much time you put in, things inevitably come up. Being able to manage these moments is what will make you successful. You know that saying “turn lemons into lemonade”? Well, I think it’s quite a good fit here.

Below are several STRATEGIES to Overcome Setbacks in your Business and MASTER Your Emotional Fitness:

  1. Let go of perfectionism. This doesn’t mean you can’t strive to be your best. However, be able to laugh when something goes wrong and figure out your next step. Be able to get something done and move on. Be good enough.
  2. Problem solve. Your ability to be solution-focused will really set you on the quickest path to success. There are always solutions and choices.
  3. Meltdown if you must. If you need to, then set a timer and allot yourself “x” minutes to get your upset out. You may do this through journaling, or talking with someone you trust or just having quiet reflection time to yourself. When the time limit is up, then reset and get back to #1 and #2. (extra tip, sometimes a good way to reset is to finish this “x” minutes with a 5 statement gratitude list to refocus.)
  4. Release and Self-Care. Obviously when we are not feeling our strength, stress builds up, and we need a way to releases this and reset ourselves. Figure out what that is for you and do it. Perhaps it’s a walk outside, meditation or a mantra that you use or maybe it’s going for a quick run or exercise class? Remember laughter is always a good antidote too!
  5. Be Aware. Know what you’re thinking and examine any limiting beliefs that are coming up for you at the time. Your awareness will help you shift.
  6. Self Talk. Each of us brings our own inner dialogue to process. Become aware of your triggers and seek support to help you in learning to manage and overcome your negative thoughts. Get rid of sabotaging and limiting thought patterns (including all/nothing thinking, fortune telling, overgeneralizing, should statements, etc)
  7. Get consistent. Know yourself and create a schedule that gives you time to refresh and reboost yourself each day.
  8. Ask for support. Seeking support is a sign of strength. Know when to ask for support and seek a mentor or coach to help you thrive in your business and your life!

Remember we cannot control all the conditions around us but we can control our own environment and how we choose to think, feel and act!

Benjamin Franklin said: "Life is 10 percent what you make it and 90 percent how you take it.”

What small shift will you make this week?

Kim Jones has been working in the coaching and counseling profession for more than 15 years and has consulted with professionals and community organizations locally and internationally. She works as a strategic intervention coach and helps you create the business and lifestyle you dream about. While each of you may have different priorities and focus, Kim works together with you to create a customized action plan that fits for you and helps you make your vision a reality. Whether it’s improving your businesses, enhancing relationships personally and professionally or focusing on your overall well-being and fulfillment in life, she wants to help you thrive! Her motto is to "make a difference" and now is the time to take action. Kim utilizes her experience and training as both a strategic intervention coach and California-licensed Marriage and Family Therapist to help you grow your passion, grow your business and create strategies to obtain amazing outcomes in your life! To find out more please visit her Facebook page or you can reach her through her coaching website and her counseling website.