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Overcoming Setbacks

A huge part of success in business is our ability to master our own thinking and emotions in day to day activities, and especially when challenges or unexpected moments occur. Inevitably, even when we are successful, there are moments where our confidence can be thrown. Sometimes just stepping into something new brings up a whole new area of uncertainty or fear for a business owner. At other times, a best laid plan or business launch can have major glitches which often can be completely out of your control, but still incredibly frustrating. And other times, someone who works for...

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Does Perfectionism Get in Your Way of Doing Business or Achieving Personal Fulfillment?

Almost everyone pursues perfection — doing the best job you can, setting goals and working hard to reach them, maintaining high standards. But perfectionism isn’t about any of this. Perfectionism is a long, maddening drive down a never-ending road for flawlessness; it provides no rest stops for mistakes, personal limitations or the changing of minds. Perfectionism can cause feelings of anxiety, fear, and self-doubt; it can cripple self-esteem, stifle creativity, and put a stumbling block in the way of intimate friendships and love relationships. Ultimately, it can create or aggravate illnesses such as eating disorders, manic-depressive mood disorder, obsessive-compulsive...

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9 Ways to Make Choices and Commit to Making Them Happen!

Your CHOICES CAUSE RESULTS. So, what choices will you adapt for the new year? Seriously, let’s get some massive action going. We each have the same number of hours in a day so if others can take action, so can you! Let’s start the new year fresh, with nothing in the way, and get it going! Whether you are making changes in your business, relationships or your general well-being, these steps will help you commit and take action if you follow them. Here are some tips to get started without feeling overwhelmed! Write down a list of your ideas/choices...

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10 Easy Steps to Fall in Love with Family Life

Recently I have had multiple conversations with women who feel overwhelmed in their role as mother and partner, finding very little time or focus to be able to maintain a positive connection with their spouse and be anything more than a taskmaster to their children. These women express feeling buried in the day-to-day chores and activities of family life. Many don’t feel that they can change these patterns or that there are options/ways out of the sinking and negative feelings they are experiencing. But what are the consequences of staying in these negative patterns? The consequences are huge, including...

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5 Tips to Communicating With Your Teenager

Listening to teens is the key to building a strong bond in your parent-child relationship. It will help you gain trust and build connection with your teen. Below are some tips to focus on these skills. Be Present -Be in the moment and not distracted when talking to him/her. Put down the cell phone, don't text or answer the phone while you are together. Acknowledge and appreciate their emotional reality! - Try to find out where their reality is before you do anything else. Listen first (it doesn't mean you have to agree!) Ask good questions - Help your...

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