Kim Jones has been working in the coaching and counseling profession for more than 15 years and has consulted with professionals and community organizations locally and internationally. She works as a strategic intervention coach and helps you create the business and lifestyle you dream about. While each of you may have different priorities and focus, Kim works together with you to create a customized action plan that fits for you and helps you make your vision a reality. Whether it’s improving your businesses, enhancing relationships personally and professionally or focusing on your overall well-being and fulfillment in life, she wants to help you thrive! Her motto is to "make a difference" and now is the time to take action. Kim utilizes her experience and training as both a strategic intervention coach and California-licensed Marriage and Family Therapist to help you grow your passion, grow your business and create strategies to obtain amazing outcomes in your life! To find out more please visit her Facebook page or you can reach her through her coaching website and her counseling website.