There I have your attention now don't I?

As a business woman I have started to feel somewhat sad about people's unwillingness to go get what they want- whether that is business OR pleasure.

For business success, it's simple- you get s**t done. Do it relentlessly. Develop your habits and practice them often. Your life becomes a reflection of the effort you put into your life.

You build a reality. Therefore you choose your reality. The life you have now- your decisions have you brought you here.

On a call with my mentor a few days ago he said the words- "sales are like sex, necessary and not openly discussed."

It got me thinking- sales are a necessary part of building a successful business yet actually selling properly is something that lots of business types struggle with.

Same goes for sex.

We all do it, we all know the mechanics and the basics right?

But do we do it properly?

Are we fulfilled?

I talk to many who are massively sexually repressed and the issues that comes with this affect people's lives in the most obvious ways.

Day to day life, relationships and sometimes success.

We need to be ourselves. If you're sexually attracted to men, women or both - go explore!


Sex (THE most natural thing we NEED) is one part of your life that should not be repressed or undervalued.

Open your mind and live your fantasies.

My motto in life is always this:

"If you want something that won't upset or harm another person- DO it, GO GET IT!"

No seriously- GO HAVE SOME GOOD SEX!

Business or otherwise - trust me. You'll just wish you started saying "yes" to yourself long ago.

I hope you all have big smiles on your faces soon for your selfish, well deserved success in all areas!

Honesty, openness and accepting your desires leads to a fulfilled you, and a full and abundant life with no frustrations.

Here's to looking after and respecting our smart healthy bodies in all ways ladies!



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Terrible feminist.

Shark enthusiast.

What you can expect from me?

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sex and business.