Do you want to learn how you can leverage stress for success?

Stress is a word that seems to be packaged with negative connotations. I believe short-term stress was a catalyst to my own professional and personal growth. There are many fabulous opportunities that can come out of being “stressed” temporarily. Are you ready to learn a few tips on how to leverage stress for your own life success? Awesome!

Uncover the “why” behind the situation.

Why are you feeling this form of stress and how can you turn it around to ignite a smarter and faster outcome? Are you facing this stressful situation because you lost sight of something? As an example, when I lose sight of my ability to become organized, I find myself in a temporary state of stress. When I feel this way, it creates a fabulous opportunity for me to take a hard look at my systems and evaluate my processes when it comes to preparing myself and my business for success.

Make a shift!

Once you’ve identified why this stress crept into your day, it is then time to invite a shift. What can you do to help offset the frequency of this happening again? Let’s face it, stress will “never” go away but we can “respond” to it rather than “react” to it by being proactive and creating shifts when necessary. Let’s take my “oh so very common” example from above. When I face a stressful situation because of my failure to sustain systems to keep myself and my business organized, then I invite a shift to help minimize this feeling. I usually dedicate time to shift my focus, my schedule, my systems, or my support systems to align with my need. When you are faced with the beauty of short term stress, don’t forget after you’ve identified your “why” it is critical to invite a healthy shift.


When short term stress invades your day, take a moment and celebrate it because you will be motivated and inspired to make a change and this, my friend, is how you leverage stress for success. When I am faced with a stressful time, I sit back, absorb it, and remind myself that something bigger and better will come from it. It sounds crazy to think stress can actually be a gift, but in reality it is a gift. Stress can empower you to make changes in places you either never knew you needed to change or it can force you to make that change (out of desperation) where you may have been ignoring it way too long.

What stress are you facing right now?

Take a moment and just drop into a quiet space with me. What are you dealing with that feels rather stressful? What is this situation teaching you or showing you? How can you turn this baby around and leverage the situation for your current and future success? I want you to think about this from a place of empowerment and not from a place of chaos because you will uncover a much shinier gem! Write it down and then get going so you can start to follow the above steps!   Before you go, congratulate yourself for taking the time to get a little gutsier and savvier today!

Kristin Smith is a trained coach who seeks to empower women to step into their best life now. No excuses! She left her corporate life to explore the world of business and life coaching. Kristin received her Master's degree from the University of Northern Colorado and graduated from Coach Training Alliance and now powerfully coaches women in business and in life.
Kristin is a mover and a shaker. She spent many years plagued by the disease to please and was ready to get clear on her life and what she was divinely designed to do, which was to live on purpose. If you are looking to go from inaction to action in your life, career, business or as a stepmom seeking to be powerfully amazing, contact her today!