When I was growing up, at school everyone seemed to be into the latest fashions, gadgets or trendy brands. One brand that many of us aspired to was Nike. It was cool; the sports star wore it and some celebrities. One of the things I liked about Nike was the advert, which usually consisted of the athlete being kitted out in their gear. There always seemed to be a look of determination and focus on getting to their end goal. Then the famous caption would jump out: “Just do it”. One of the famous three words that formed to make a great sentence. Unforgettable!

Make it happen

How do you achieve the things that you want? The simple answer would be, “make it happen”. This to some may be very easy and obvious. If you want something, make it happen - especially as you can co-create. You may have heard the expression co-creation in a religious context. One definition of this is that we need to think about something before creating it. This highlights two points: 1) How powerful our thoughts really are; and 2) How the idea has to be seen, visualized and believed in order for it to become a possible reality.

“Seeing is believing”

However it takes more than seeing is believing, as often people can see their finish line but either start to run, or get frozen in fear. This is the part where you may ask yourself, “What’s stopping you from reaching the finish line?” Possible causes of this paralysis may be that you reached a hurdle on the track where you are not sure how to jump over it. Or an attempt may be made at jumping over the challenge but you fall down, not feeling confident about getting back up. But you can always get back up again. I like to share the following video about runner Heather Dorniden, who fell in the middle of a race; she got up and continued on to come close to a first.

What an inspiration and maybe I will interview her for an episode of the Go-Getter Me podcast show.

“But it hurts when you land on your bum”

I have fallen several times. Countless times, especially when I was a toddler learning to walk. But I survived the falls and became quite competent at walking and keeping my balance. Can you imagine what would happen if toddlers did not get up. They may not be able to walk, learn how to ride a bicycle and so on. Point is, sometimes at first attempt you may not succeed. This does not mean that you give up.

“I don’t have the required weapons at my disposal”

Getting clear on what you want is the foundation to your happiness, as it connects with your inner source - truth. That is actually the big step, as it is then a question of making movement to your end goal. On this journey to your end goal, you may need some tools to get through the metaphorical jungle. In everyday terms this can be described as resources, such as money or information. It can be easy to begin with the following statement after having found clarity, “Oh but….”. But the secret to getting started is to begin. If you are not sure or feel that you are lacking in the required tools, begin by saying : “How can I” “Whom can I ask”. Through being open to solutions, makes it easier to find a way.

“Be what you want to attract”

Like really is attracted to like. Do you know that you are energy? How you act as a magnet? Question, have you ever wanted to attract a person, or an outcome into your life but had no idea how to do it besides wishful thinking? You probably have answered yes. You may be a budding writer, have a distinct voice that you want to share with the world. Make people want to laugh. Bring joy into their lives. In my last two sentences I used the verb ‘laugh’ and the noun ‘joy’. These may have been emotive but I did this deliberately. As it is important to connect with the core of the “why” you want to attract something into your life. The emotion. This contrasts to using words like "I want to get that big publishing house deal." "Be featured on Oprah.’"In the example, you can rephrase it as follows: “I want to write a book, that will reach a large audience. Inspire people. It would be nice for the work to get the necessary attention. It will come”. Do not say out loud, “So this company did not get me. The people at this publishing house are a!!holes." Then you project out your negativity. Who wants to be around that? So, be what you want to attract.

Be a rockstar

One of people’s downfalls can be idolization. In some religions it is frowned upon idolizing someone or something, which is not a Source. I will go further to explain why idolizing may not be too good for your health. When you say this person is special and love to be like that. On one standing point, it is nice to admire someone or something and say be inspired to co-create. On the other side, by focusing on someone being very ‘special’ that it is beautiful. You may be identifying with positive a feature that is now too bad. Enjoy being a rock star, connecting to your passion. Often people idolize a symbol, not realizing that they are forgetting how special they are too, what they bring to other people and the world. It can also be saying, “I am not that worthy”. Like in the previous section on attraction, like will attract like. So if you are not connecting with your awesomeness, saying that you are not worthy to live the life you want then it will be difficult to achieve it. Instead, rock out your true self. Share your passions and feel the joy. And you will make it happen.

Sophia Husbands is the chief go-getter over at Sophia World. She specializes in mindset and has a passion for helping people to discover their real, unique self and feel confident about projecting this out into the world. When she is not writing and coaching people, she loves to connect with inspiring people. She is also the host of the lifestyle and freedom mindset podcast the Go-Getter Me show.