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There are many miracle moments in our life where we may experience a big breakthrough. These may be labeled in different ways and given different names. Here are some examples: An "Aha!" moment Having an epiphany moment Having an awakening moment; and Falling in love moments That Love Series moment It was a hot summers day. That afternoon, I had just finished working with a private tuition client of mine. I was sitting alone at a table in a popular Chinese restaurant in West London. There was a moment when I was looking around in this restaurant, noticing the...

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Eat Pray Love!

I was recently watching the movie Eat Pray Love again, which was adapted from the book of the very same name. It was a nice rom-com to watch on a Saturday afternoon. As I watched it, I started to think about the significance of its title: Eat, Pray, Love, and how it can often be applied to the cycle of life. The Cycle In life we can go through many cycles or chapters, and there will be some highs and lows. EAT Before starting a cycle, it may be good to take stock and look inwards. It can sometimes be good...

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I’m Like a Bird

I had recently given a close friend a send off at the airport. She is on her way to begin a new life, where she'll be getting married. On the journey to the airport, she was feeling a little apprehensive, mainly about the flight rather than the wedding itself. It was also the first time in her adult life when she will be travelling on her own. So in the car on the way to the airport in order to inspire her, I started to share the joys that I found in travelling. Destinations Since I was young, I always...

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Just do it – the mindset of a go-getter

When I was growing up, at school everyone seemed to be into the latest fashions, gadgets or trendy brands. One brand that many of us aspired to was Nike. It was cool; the sports star wore it and some celebrities. One of the things I liked about Nike was the advert, which usually consisted of the athlete being kitted out in their gear. There always seemed to be a look of determination and focus on getting to their end goal. Then the famous caption would jump out: “Just do it”. One of the famous three words that formed to...

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I’ve Changed My Number

As much as people are in the present time sometimes it is hard for them to remain there. They may want to future[-]trip into what can happen next, or remain in [the] past. Often people can stay fixed in the past, as it is a place they do not want to move away from. They may go to the extreme of not wanting life to stand still, like the character Miss Haversham in the book Great Expectations. A number can be a fixed destination What inspired me to write this article was a poster I recently saw on FaceBook....

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The Present

A present can be described as something that you give to someone – a gift. Gifts come in different shapes and sizes. Often it is something that is tangible. You may be able to eat it, or use it more than once. A gift can last for an eternity, as it can be intangible and something that you can use for a long time. One gift that may be very valuable is an insight, or knowledge; because unlike a tangible, it cannot be taken away. Knowledge When I was growing up, in my household, a good education was a...

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The Man in the Mirror

Have you ever had that moment, when you decided that you no longer wanted to feel despair about a situation in your life? This may be one that you have been in for a while. It may be an external, such as a love relationship. Why can’t I speak in public? We have a voice that is capable of speech; and when it comes to public speaking then it might cause panic. This may result in a paralysis. Why people may feel this fear can be a number of reasons. It can be because they feel that they are...

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Be Happy

If you ask a person what one thing do they want, that is valuable to them after good health, is happiness. We can see this when we are hearing statements such: “happily married” and “happily ever after”. Okay, the last statement was from a fairy tale but happiness is what most people are striving for. There are of course going to be times, when your happiness level my dip and this is fine, as you need to accept the times when you may need to release the negative emotions. Being happy is about living your life on your terms...

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“I do it my way”

You only have one life to live. You only have one body, so worship it. You only have one first-time. It is destined that from the time we are born it is going to end in death. We are going to be dead longer, than our actual time on this plane. You may wonder if this is going to be a sermon on certain life facts. To a certain extent it is. One of the core themes radiating through the first paragraph, is how we have only one life to live on this apparent plane: on this planet we...

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It’s All Gravy

Some years back I was listening to a record, which featured the artists Romeo and Christina Milian. The title of the track was, “It’s all gravy”. I must confess that I did not fully understand the expression. Maybe when looking at the words, it may be linked to having a flow - as gravy does flow over your mash potatoes. I soon found out that it meant that everything was going to be fine; or the situation is cool. Some years go by, and by this time I develop an interest in mindset and wellness. Is it not amazing...

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“You are number one”

In society we are sometimes taught to be selfless, not selfish. The word selfish can sometimes conjure up negative connotations. It can be deemed bad to appear to be putting your needs before others. This perception seems to be the norm. But why is the norm deemed to always be the best way? Important life lesson: “You’re number one” When I was younger I was watching the movie “City Slickers” with my father, and one of characters turned to Billy Crystal’s character and asked if he knew what the most important life lesson was. At the same time, my...

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Price Tag: Money Story

There are so many phrases out there about money: “Money makes the world go round”; “It’s the root of all evil”; “Here is a proven model which will have you earning £10,000 plus a month”. So it is all around us, and is being projected out there in different ways. In turn these projections are being picked up by our receptors, which then get converted into a belief and stored in our subconscious. Inherited Beliefs Like with other beliefs, fears or phobias we can either pick them up from our own experiences or other people’s experiences – for example...

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Breathe: Finding harmony

From the time we are born, we start the process of breathing in and out. It becomes second nature that we do not even think that we are doing it. Babies - healthy ones - are the best example of how we should breath, as they usually connect to their diaphragm in this process. Why is this so important? It is important as the body and mind are interconnected, “happy mind and healthy body”. In our day-to-day life we may be rushing around, jumping from one thing to another, playing a multitude of roles. No, this does not necessarily...

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