At Smart Healthy Women Magazine we get the opportunity to review many products that are marketed as designed to improve health, happiness, beauty and wellbeing. We don't believe in reviewing a product for the sake of it though and instead like to present products we come across that deliver on their promise.

I was recently invited to review a new self-tanning product that has hit the market in Australia. I have to say I've come across quite a few tanning products in my journey to achieve a golden glow to my otherwise pale Anglo skin and it has been a challenge to emerge from these applications without smelling like a chemical waste facility or appearing to be an alarming shade of burnt orange.

ivadoreivadore® is a new natural self-tanning treatment that is created from plant-derived technology and is designed with the philosophy that 'natural' doesn't have to mean 'less effective'. The name 'ivadore' stems from the ancient Hebrew meaning of Eve - Life - and the word 'adore' which together mean 'Love Life'. The founder of ivadore®, Tanya Felli, has a background in the natural beauty industry and a passion for natural beauty products after being diagnosed with celiac disease. She was concerned with the amount of chemicals in the ingredients in most body care and beauty products available in the market, and so began her desire to create products that were not only effective but naturally derived.

According to the information provided with the product, the basis of the formula of the self-tanning treatment is Erythrulose, a natural sugar derived from red raspberries and which reacts to the amino acids on the top layer of the skin to create a natural UV-based tanning effect, combined with a premium form of DHA (dihydrixyacetone) that is derived from sugar beet. These ingredients, together with other natural substances such as organic marshmallow, green tea, camelia seed oil, enchinacea and coconut water (among others) deliver a product that is 'more than just a tan'. It contains no harmful chemicals, artificial colours, fragrances, sulfates, parabens or mineral oils and is suitable for sensitive skin.

After trialing the product for over a week now, I am a firm fan. Not only does the product not have an offensive, toxic smell, there is very little scent if any that I could detect. The product is easy to apply with a simple pump action that delivers 1ml of product per pump. I'd recommend applying this after an exfoliating shower, as if you don't polish your skin first you will most probably have uneven colouring as a result. I only used one application which gave a subtle but pleasing tan glow to my skin - if you want to build the colour up then it is recommended to reapply every 7-10 days to build up a natural effect. Follow the normal commonsense advice when applying any self tanning treatment such as waiting to shower (8 hours is recommended which is why I think it makes sense to apply after a shower) and don't cover up for 10 minutes after application to give the product time to absorb. This is the first product in the ivadore® range with more products set to launch this year, namely a range of boutique face care products.

The tanning treatment is currently available only in Australia with the standard 120ml size retailing for $48 and the Deluxe Travel Size retailing for $14.95.

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