Knowing there’s more to life than dragging yourself out of bed every morning - ten minutes later than you really should have – and shuffling into the bathroom to take a shower. Reluctantly pulling your suit on and grimacing as you walk out of the door. Ready to face another day at that hell-hole in your office, is typically a clear sign it’s time to move on.

But how can you get ‘job search fit’ quickly and easily?

1. Sit down, when you’re not totally furious with that idiot your boss and work out whether it’s the industry, the company or the job, you’ve had enough of. It’s easy to get them all mixed up when you’ve had enough. The question is, would the grass be greener in another company? Or a different industry? Or are you all done with that particular job?

2. Now you know what you want to do, think about the other criteria you need to have in place – salary, location and company values tend to be the biggies. Decide what these are for you. Along with anything else that’s important to your happiness at work

3. Research jobs that fit your answers to 1 and 2 above. What criteria are they asking for? Do you meet all of the requirements? Or do you need to add a skill / update your training in any particular area?

4. Look at your LinkedIn profile. Does it make you look like an interesting and relevant candidate for the job you now want? Is your LinkedIn profile ‘job search fit’? If you’re not sure, connect with me on LinkedIn and request one of my free profile reviews. I’ll spend up to an hour with you on the phone, talking through the answers to 1, 2 and 3 above and then giving you my expert – ex-headhunter – opinion on how your LinkedIn profile is helping or hindering your job search goals

5. Start networking with people who could help you. Go to industry events. Comment on articles written by key people. Start raising your visibility in your desired field, so the lookers and the seekers are sure to see you. No matter how hard (or not) they look

Author of 'Get That Interview' and '[email protected] Your Career'Julie is The Job Seeker's Guide. She works with thousands of clients through her audio and web-based programmes, helping them get 'job search fit' and successfully navigate their way into that new role.

Select clients are able to apply to work with Julie one-to-one.

Before joining Churchill Brook in 2009, she spent twelve years as an international headhunter, where she successfully helped her clients recruit exceptionally well-matched people, who were passionate about doing a job well done. Julie is an expert at getting candidates noticed by companies and had one of the highest success ratios for CV submission to hire that we know of within the recruitment industry.
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