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Get Job Search Fit

Knowing there’s more to life than dragging yourself out of bed every morning - ten minutes later than you really should have – and shuffling into the bathroom to take a shower. Reluctantly pulling your suit on and grimacing as you walk out of the door. Ready to face another day at that hell-hole in your office, is typically a clear sign it’s time to move on. But how can you get ‘job search fit’ quickly and easily? 1. Sit down, when you’re not totally furious with that idiot your boss and work out whether it’s the industry, the...

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How to Put Your Career ‘On the Map’

Viewing your career as a journey makes it much easier to see how to put it – and you – on the map. Here are six steps showing you exactly how to do that: As the late Stephen Covey famously said: “Start with the end in mind”. When you pan your life forwards, maybe as far as retirement. Where do you want the end point to be? If you see yourself, sat in your rocking chair, talking to your grandchildren – or even great grandchildren – what do you tell them you did for a living? What is that...

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Are You Invisible?

Why Can't They See Me? The biggest challenge most of my clients face is getting recognition. Being seen. Noticed for that job. Whether you’re in a job, looking for the next challenge. Or on the bench waiting for something new to invite you to step back into the game of your career. Being seen is a critical part of the process. In the old days – seemingly about 150 lifetimes ago – you looked through your local paper. Saw a job ad that caught your eye. Applied in the way the advert suggested. And waited to hear if you’d...

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What ‘Working Smarter’ Really Means

Bankers have highlighted a problem not unique to the finance industry. Corporate fat-cat (non) leaders would rather most suffered, so they - the few - can have more. Reductions are made, hardships are incurred and corners are cut. This may serve the few with the power, but for the rest of us, it sucks! Going to work becomes a covert manoeuvre, filled with secrets and solitude. The desire to protect your job, means you can no longer collaborate with your colleague, if that involves sharing what you know. Because if they have your knowledge – your only edge –...

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Why Your CV Isn’t Working and What You Can Do About It

There's no such thing as a great CV! There is only a well-matched CV for 'that' job. If you're sending out one CV to every job you see that looks anywhere between a maybe and your dream job, you're most likely missing the mark with every single application. How do you feel when you get a generic email? You know the sender cut and pasted their message to you. Is it personal? Is it appropriate? Does it speak to you? That is exactly the reaction the recruiter or hiring manager has when they look at your 'one size fits...

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Three things. One hour. Get LinkedIn Results

When I review a LinkedIn profile, we spend an hour on the phone and I guarantee to tell you three things, personal to your goals, which will increase your LinkedIn results. Below are the three areas most people need to improve. Do you need to work on yours? Photo: It has to be a headshot of you looking business ready, ie dressed in what you’d wear for work. If you’re a professional, it makes sense to get a photographer to take these for you. It’s a reasonably small investment and it can make all the difference. Headline: This is...

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Where are we going so fast anyway?

The one thing that every mystic, spiritual guru, coach, therapist and friend will tell you is that life is not about the big things. It’s not about the milestones, the achievements, dreams realised, it’s all about the journey. It’s in the small stuff. The everyday. The seemingly mundane. It’s seeing as much wonder and feeling as much gratitude as you’re able in each passing moment. Flowers. Sunsets. Children. Your partner. Your friends. These are the things that give our lives meaning and where we experience our deepest joy. As we take our final breaths, these are what will have...

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5 Smart Ways to Solve the Hiring Manager’s Headache

To a company a vacancy is really just another word for problem. Whether the headcount has come about via replacement or expansion, being one person down gives everyone else - particularly the person holding all the company targets - a headache. You need to solve their problem. Their solution is, or could be, YOU! So often I see perfect people miss their dream job. Not because they are not ideally suited to the role. Because they didn’t make a compelling application. “Any company not moving forward, is, by default, going backwards” Targets are ever increasing. Corporate pressure is always...

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The Six Second Rule

Making job applications is hard work. What to apply for? How to word your application? Choosing the right approach. You want to put your best foot forward. But how? If I tell you you’ve got six seconds to make an impact…. or be forever relegated to the rubbish bin, does that make it even harder? When I tell clients about the six second rule their eyes glaze over in a kind of blind panic. As if the pressure isn’t great enough already, right. The answer is all about focus. And wearing the hiring manager’s shoes. But mostly you can...

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Help! I’ve Fallen Into a Vacuum (space not cleaner)

It seems that the only person in the entire world who knows anything about me is…. um, me! Falling below the radar happens to most of us at some point in time. Sometimes it’s deliberate. Time out. Room for reflection. A time to regroup. Maybe you have been so busy at work, you haven’t had time to network, attend events or go on any external training courses? Perhaps the Internet and all those silly faddy social media sites (Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest…) are for time-wasters, fools and generally less-important people? Until, that is, you want a new job!...

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The Resignation (Letter) Cake

People are always talking about creative ways to get hired. But what about creative ways to resign? Should you think outside the box on the way out, as well as on the way in? The answer is it depends what you’re moving on to do. If you’re going to be working for yourself and you want to generate more new clients, then yes Chris Holmes (Mr Cake) is just such a person. Wanting to leave his job at a busy London Airport to spend more time on his cake business, he wrote his resignation letter in icing. On a...

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Ace That Interview!

The 3 Things Every Employer Wants Can you do the job? A lot of this has been worked out during the ‘CV sift’. If you demonstrated your ability to do the job as part of your application and are called for an interview, you’re half way to answering question 1. But not having all the right skills is not necessarily a show stopper. Aptitude trumps experience, because questions 2 and 3 are way more important. Do you want to do the job? This is a two part question. Do you want to do this job? For this company? No-one...

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3 things you must do to stand out on LinkedIn

Ten years and 200 million members later, you probably already have a profile on LinkedIn. You know that it is good for being seen. You have heard how much it is used by recruiters and headhunters. But you are not being found. No-one is contacting you with amazing job offers. What 3 things must you do? Have a professional photograph that represents you for the job you want. I see so many profiles with no photo at all…. and still more with casual looking pictures. If you want your next job to be better than the one you have…...

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