Many women wish they could maintain their regular fitness routine when traveling for work or pleasure, but most find it difficult or nigh impossible to do so. Most people gain on average about 2-5 kilos of weight when traveling.

If you too experience this, then don’t despair because I have some easy solutions to help you stay fit while traveling.

Body Weight Exercises

  • Utilising a few simple body weight exercises allow you to maintain your fitness levels anywhere at anytime.
  • It’s cheap because there are no added costs such as gym fees or special gear.
  • Body weight exercises add a different dimension to your normal routine.
  • It’s an effective tool for improving fitness and losing weight.
  • It is time efficient because it takes as little as 20 minutes for an effective all-over body workout.
  • You can use body weight exercises as a cardio or strength based workout.
    I often include body weight exercises into a client’s routine especially when they are on holidays. It fits in easily with their holiday activities, allowing them to maintain strength and aerobic fitness and help control weight gain.
    For a strength-based routine perform between 12-25 reps per exercise at a steady tempo, paying attention to your technique.
    For a more dynamic workout opt for burpees, mountain climbs, squat jumps, scissor jumps and push ups with hand claps.

Power Walking

Walking is easy to do, is a cheap and healthy way to see the world, while also helping to control weight gain and keep the joints mobile.

Power walking or fast walking is even more beneficial in burning calories and controlling your weight simply because it raises your heart rate and metabolic rate to help burn body fat more effectively.

Perform power walking up hills or on the beach (sand increases the resistance when walking forcing a higher calorie burn).
Moreover, power walking tones the gluteals (your derriere) and thighs – the body’s two largest muscle groups.

Do Something Unusual

When holidaying, try your hand at something different such as rock climbing, abseiling, para-gliding or wind surfing. In fact, any activity that requires your muscles to work harder than they do when you are lounging by the pool reading a book.

Having a day busy with physical activities will keep the family happy, maintain your muscle tone and help control holiday weight gain.

Join a Fitness Class

Most resorts around the world offer exercise classes almost every day, many of which are free to resort guests.
It’s a wonderful opportunity to make new friends, share the experience with your holiday friends, and it is a convenient way to maintain your fitness in a social, fun environment.
Classes are popular because it allows someone else (your instructor) to organize your activity without you needing to think too much about it.

  • Hire a Personal Trainer

One of the most effective ways to exercise while traveling is to hire a personal trainer who can offer you either a one-off session or several, depending on your budget and time constraints.

A fully qualified trainer can put you through paces to suit your fitness level, making it a very worthwhile session.

  • Going on holidays or travelling for work purposes is not a reason for surrendering your fitness routine. All you need is a little forethought and a certain amount of self-will to achie
  • Before you head off on your next travels, first consider what type of exercise you would like to do – an active holiday, keep up your gym program, or join an exercise class.
  • Search the internet for the available options in the local area where you are traveling.
  • A little planning will allow you to help control your weight, and maintain your fitness levels, and ultimately sustain your motivation to continue leading a healthier lifestyle.

In the meantime, happy travels!

Fiona Compston is a freelance aerobics instructor, a certified Personal Trainer, Counsellor and Remedial Massage Therapist. She is also a certified Menofitness trainer, specializing in menopause hormone enhancement for women aged 40+ and pelvic floor strengthening.
She specialises in fitness for women aged 45+, and has also trained Miss World New Zealand, Elite kiwi cyclists, rowers and hockey players.
You can also find Fiona on Facebook.