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6 Calorie Busters to Control Your Weight Over the Holidays

The Christmas-New Year break traditionally is a time when many women consume too many calories. The combination of Christmas fare, sugary desserts and alcoholic beverages, spells frustration for any woman looking to maintain her fitness or control her weight. The worst thing you can do at this time is attempt to lose weight. Weight loss is difficult at the best of times, and quite simply impossible at this time of the year with the myriad of end-of-year work/school/social gatherings. So the best thing you can do is to stay physically active for much of the day and take some...

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Fit For Travel

Many women wish they could maintain their regular fitness routine when traveling for work or pleasure, but most find it difficult or nigh impossible to do so. Most people gain on average about 2-5 kilos of weight when traveling. If you too experience this, then don’t despair because I have some easy solutions to help you stay fit while traveling. Body Weight Exercises Utilising a few simple body weight exercises allow you to maintain your fitness levels anywhere at anytime. It’s cheap because there are no added costs such as gym fees or special gear. Body weight exercises add...

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The Top 5 Fitness Mistakes Women Make

Whether you prefer exercising outdoors or at your local gym, chances are you fall into the trap of making one or more of the following mistakes when it comes to your fitness. Don’t stress though, because for every mistake made there is a way to correct it and get better results. 1. Too Much Cardio Top of the list for many women is doing too much cardio at the expense of strength training. Women naturally gravitate towards cardio rather than lifting weights for many reasons. However, too much of a good thing…… and your fitness will go south! For...

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The 7 Hottest Fitness Trends for 2014

Interval training, strength training and core activation are the major fitness trends for 2014, while Zumba and spin lose popularity. These are the predictions for the coming year as to what is not only popular, but what are deemed as being most effective in producing fitness results. Each year the prestigious fitness organisation – the American College of Sports Medicine- releases its list of fitness trends for the following year. The list is important for fitness professionals in order to determine the most effective and popular fitness methods for clients in the coming year. But it also makes for...

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Walk Faster For Better Fitness

Some fitness methods never fade away and fast-paced walking is a classic example. For decades it has provided many women the way to better health and fitness. Research reveals that fast walking has many more health and fitness benefits than previously thought possible. “Wait a minute – fitness!” I hear you say….Yes, fast walking can help women tone up and get back into shape, is extremely beneficial for raising HDL our ‘good’ cholesterol, and improving cardiovascular health. Fast paced walking is seeing a resurgence of interest among many who are overweight and seeking to be healthier. The nature of...

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Breaking Through Your Fitness Plateau

Are you finding your exercise routine a little drab or boring – not very motivating? You need a change, a little ‘vroom’ injected into your regular exercise schedule. Quite often, when starting out exercising, we adopt one activity and one only, that we like to do such as running or swimming. At first this produces positive changes to the body – sleeping better, having more energy, firming up around the mid-section etc. But these changes quickly diminish and then you start feeling frustrated and anxious. Something is not quite right. What is occurring is a fitness plateau, where your...

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The 5 Best Bodyweight Exercises

There are times when only body weight exercises will do – on vacation, too many work commitments for a gym visit, feeling bored with your regular workout, or recovering from an injury or illness. Body weight exercises can fit in nicely to your schedule, no matter where you are, what you are doing, or what your goals/level of fitness. You can use body weight exercises as a cardio-based workout or as a strength conditioning routine. Either way, it will ensure your fitness stays on track, even when your location may be off track. I have picked out the 5...

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Foam Rolling Workout – Perfect For Self-Massaging

Have you ever noticed people lying on top of a big blue styrofoam roll in the gym and wondered why? It’s foam rolling and it has become very popular in recent times as a form of self-massage and stretching of tight muscles. Foam rolling is a new technique that many fitness professionals are adopting for their clients. I apply it not only on my clients but also on myself because it is a cheap useful tool in accessing myofascial release and trigger points. What is a foam roller? – It is a portable solid plastic cylinder wrapped in dense...

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Social Fitness – An Effective Way To Get Fit

The demand for group exercise programs has soared in recent times the world over and the trend is set to continue into 2014 thanks mainly to the variety on offer to the public. Walk into your local fitness centre and you will likely have a choice of many group programs to choose – from the traditional step aerobics to martial arts, dance-based programs like Zumba, to Cross training and bootcamps, to small group personal training sessions. The variety is enormous. These programs are exploding everywhere making it a win-win result for the public and the fitness industry alike. Group exercise programs offer people a socially enjoyable environment that is easy on the pocket, while making participants feel they have received a great workout. It makes fitness more affordable and achievable. The Most Popular Group Activities Bootcamp/ Cross training classes The popularity of bootcamp and cross training classes such as Cross Fit is reflected in the demand for more outdoor bootcamp-type events or obstacle events where participants crawl through mud, clamber over brick walls, all in the name of fitness. While this type of fitness class is not for everyone, its popularity is soaring and it is here to stay for some time yet. Small Group PT Sessions More and more people are turning to small group sessions with a personal trainer as an affordable way to receive personalized fitness....

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Improving Your Swimming with Strength Training

This is the final part of a 3-article series on strength training your sport – how strength training can produce a better performance and recovery for sport. This article looks at how to develop shoulder strength for swimming events, be they in the pool or in the ocean. Shoulders typically are one of the weakest muscle groups seen in women mainly as a result of a female aversion to strength training the upper body. Where males prefer to strengthen the shoulders and chest, women generally prefer to exercise the lower body via a cardio-based program such as running or...

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Strength Train Your Sport – A Program for Cyclists

In last week’s issue of SHW I showed you how to use a strength training program to enhance your fitness for running/walking events. This issue, I focus on improving your strength when cycling. Cyclists and runners once frowned upon the benefits of strength training; many believing it hindered their performance by adding too much muscle. Fortunately that thinking has changed with many elite and recreational cyclists now realizing the advantages to performance and overall health that a strength training program provides. Strength training makes your muscles stronger, builds bone density, improves balance and co-ordination, and reduces the risk of...

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Strength Train Your Sport – A Program for Runners/Walkers

Strength training is a “must do” when preparing for any recreational or sporting event. In this first of a 3 Part series, we show you how to use a strength training program to improve your fitness for fun run/walk events. If you are like thousands of others, and you are thinking of entering a sporting or recreational event this summer then don’t forget your strength training program – the benefits are enormous. The Spring and summer months see a plethora of outdoor sporting events on offer for the serious and not-so-serious participant. How well you perform on the day,...

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A Low Impact Weight Loss Workout

A popular fitness trend right now is HIIT or High Impact Interval Training – an efficient way to burn fat and boost fitness. However, low impact exercises also can deliver an equally challenging workout for the body, burning calories and boosting fitness. HIIT usually involves short, sharp bursts of high impact activity dispersed with longer periods of recovery or less intense exercise. The intervals normally contain exercises such as running, jumping, leaping – high impact activity. High impact exercises are not always appropriate, but it is possible to produce a great workout utilizing the HIIT principles with low impact...

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