The Mind is the limit. As long as the mind can envision the fact that you can do something,
you can do it. As long as you really believe 100% - Arnold Schwarzenegger

We can walk for longer, run faster and get healthier quicker and achieve amazing results, if we start with the right psychological equipment – our mind. Having a fit mind will get you the results you want.

When I was growing up I would be constantly critiquing my body. I spent more time complaining and criticising my body than appreciating the blessings that life had brought. I robbed myself of feeling good about my body, simply because I believed I didn’t meet the criteria of what my body should be like. I was 19 when I decided that I should get myself into shape and I went on my mission to be fit. What I have learned since then is that having body confidence was more than just losing weight and getting fit. It was more about how I chose to think about myself and stand up in the world. The road block that most people encounter when they are on a health or fitness program is the program that runs in their head.

Some people view their body as a badge of failure. How much motivation does a person need to get fit when they see their body in this way? How much effort will it take to spend time and energy on a body that has or is being shamed? They may also feel defeated before they have even begun. When they view their body as a badge of failure, they consistently remind themselves of all the things that they have failed at to have the body that they have………..even if they have the best body ever. We are our worst critics. When they start a weight or fitness program, they go into it with the belief that because they have failed before, that they may very well fail again. For these people, they will participate in a fitness program with a ball and chain around their leg.

Fortunately, there are people who view their body as a temple. Not only do they not have a ball and chain around their leg, they have wings to fly... They have the right program in their head and that gets them the results they want.

Here are some tips to fine tune your mind to win at fitness:

Create a positive attitude

Your past doesn’t have to equal your future. Regardless of what you have done in the past, or what programs you may have tried and tackled previously - acknowledge it, thank it, and let it go. This is a new beginning. Decide on ‘why’ you want to be fit and healthy and what you want to gain from it. Is it for you or others or both? Do you want to be fit because you want to strengthen your body, have more energy for yourself and your children or to feel more confident? Focus on what you will have moving forward. Surround yourself with positive people who will support and encourage you. Spend time with people who have already have the results that you want. Take on their attitude.

Set your goals

Some people spend more time organising and setting up their holiday than they do their well-being. They will get the brochures, talk to travel agents, speak to friends and family and get all the information they need. They set their dates, budgets, get their passports and visas in order and do whatever it takes to ensure they get to their holiday.

To arrive at any destination, you will need to create a plan on how you will get there. Setting goals is creating a plan. Be specific in what you want to achieve, set a time frame, and identify what you will need (equipment, personal trainer, etc). Create a measurable way of keeping yourself on track. For example, if you create a 1 year goal that you want to run 10 km in a charity event, create 30 day goals for each month leading up to it so that you can keep track on achieving your 1 year goal.

Learn from your challenges

There is no guarantees that life goes smoothly. There will be road blocks and stuff that happens. It’s what we do with it that matters. Do we give up when it gets too tough? Do we push through? If what you want to achieve is important enough, you will push through. Challenges are there to test our strength and our commitments. If what you want from your fitness program is something you truly value, then you will push through the challenges and keep going. If we see challenges as our opportunity to learn, it gives us the freedom to accept the challenge, fall over and then pick ourselves up again and be wiser. Don’t allow setbacks to define who you are.

Believe in yourself

Eliminate self-doubt by thanking the little voice that may tell you, “you can’t do this”, “who do you think you are?”. Your inner voice will give its opinion whether you like it or not. Just say thank you and let it go. Tell your inner voice “I got this”. Remind yourself of all the things that you have achieved in your life, even the things you have forgotten about. We achieved learning to ride a bike, driving a car, completing an education, getting married and having children. We are able to follow through on the things that we value. Believe that this journey is just as important as any other and you can do this. This journey is about your health, your happiness and being a better version of you. That's a win for you and for everyone that is around you!

I took on being fit when I was 19. I have had my challenges along the way and my strength and commitment has been tested. Since then, I have maintained that promise to myself and I continue to be fit and healthy. Being fit has given me good health, more energy, confidence and happiness.

Wear your body as a badge of love.

Pina is a behavioural strategist and mindset expert who specialises in helping women achieve a healthy mind, body and lifestyle. She is passionate in empowering women to create a life of purpose, vision and personal power. She is dedicated to transforming lives by increasing their self-confidence and self-esteem and achieve success in their life, their health and wellbeing goals and get their vitality and zest for life back.

Pina offers a number of programs with one-on-one sessions that provide a fully supported service that takes care of people every step of the way. Her style is fun, relaxed and focuses on making the journey really simple and easy to do.