ENJO Daily Face Off

At Smart Healthy Women Magazine, we are always keen to bring you information that will help you to enrich your life, your health and your happiness, and occasionally we will provide information on products that we have used and think they are worthy of comment.

I had the opportunity to try out the ENJO Daily Face Off (RRP$49), a set of seven little makeup cleansing pads from the makers of ENJO, a company providing environmentally friendly cleaning microfiber products, that can be used dry or with the addition of only a little water. These products do not require the additional use of chemicals to assist with the cleaning process. I have been aware of the ENJO product line and numerous microfiber imitators, but was not aware that they also do a line in skin care cleansers. In addition to the Daily Face Off, they also do a range of body cleansing gloves.

I received a seven pack of the Face Off cleaning pads (one for each day of the week) and out of curiosity asked my husband to try one out – being a builder and quite a bit of a bloke really, he tends not to make a fuss over his skin and doesn’t really have a skin care regime to speak of – just soap and water in the bath or shower really. So he wet one of the little ENJO face pads and we were pretty amazed to see the amount of grime that came off his skin from a very short use. He was converted.

I have been using the ENJO Face Off pads in the morning before work and at night to remove makeup and daily build-up of oils and atmospheric dirt – I found this product was a joy to use, since there are no drying or irritating chemicals involved in the cleaning process and my skin always came away feeling soft and fresh and clean. I used the pads wet while in the shower in the morning or over the basin at night before bed.

I am now a bit of a fan really. I used a bit of pure soap to clean the face pads after each use, and the soap and makeup were easily rinsed out, leaving the face pad clean and fresh, ideal for multiple use. ENJO advise to put these through the wash once a week (using a laundry bag). I guess that’s another tick in the environmentally responsible box – these little beauties will last me some time.

The only gotchas I could detect is that over-zealous use may strip the skin of oils and you have to be aware of the ENJO tag so you don’t inadvertently rub your face with this. I have combination skin so found using the pads the mostly on the T-zone was effective, but those with dry skin would have to take more care and be a bit more light-handed. Still, without having to use chemicals to assist in the cleansing process has to be a bonus, although those with really sensitive skin are advised to check with your doctor.

I would definitely recommend this product to those who wish to reduce the amount of chemical cleansers in the home – especially in such a critical area as the face and skin.ENJO Daily Face Pink

The ENJO Daily Face Off is also available in Pink, and for a limited time, $1 from every purchase goes to the McGrath Foundation. RRP $49, available at www.enjo.com.au

Disclaimer: This is NOT a sponsored post. I was given a set of seven ENJO Daily Face Off pads for the purpose of this review. All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.

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