Are you a woman who is undergoing a midlife career transition or is unsatisfied with your current career? Are you certain you need to take action but don’t know what steps to should take to pursue a career that is more suited to your current life phase and your preferences and talents?

Then Sweet Spot Careers by Maria Simonelli may just be the book for you.

In the book, Maria Simonelli approaches the problem of career transition with a guiding framework that takes you through the whole process of making such an important change.

She examines the myths surrounding career & career changes, and provides a guide for you to find your career sweet spot in which passion, purpose and rewards intersect to provide confidence and clarity around your next career move.

Maria SimonelliShe dismantles common fears about the decision to change one’s career, and navigates you clearly through the steps needed to connect with your creative ability to discover a career that matches your passions and abilities. Maria also looks at the psychology behind what for many is a milestone, not only in career terms, but also in life, and in so doing helps you to discover your learning styles and vocation.

Change is scary to many people, and almost nothing brings up the fear of change like contemplating a change in one’s career, but Maria confidently leads you through the zones of your career transition so that you can plan it successfully.

With this book you'll have a tool set to enable you to grow into your new career mindset and destroy the limiting beliefs that may be holding you back, while minimising the risks of the necessary change.

This is a very hands-on, practical guide to making your career transition a reality, but you must be willing to take action on what you learn here.

I recommend this book for anyone who needs some guidance to embrace their career transition with confidence.

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About Maria Simonelli:

Maria Simonelli is the creator of the Career Redesign Program and author of Sweet Spot Careers: A Practical and Creative Guide to a Successful Midlife Career Transition.

This book draws on her own success morphing her professional life into different forms to help others take practical steps towards a meaningful career during their often challenging midlife or midcareer transitions.

She is on a mission to support people seeking new possibilities and help them use their innate creative skills to solve their career dilemmas.

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Disclaimer: This is NOT a sponsored post. I was given a copy of the book for the purpose of this review. All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.

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