Connect with yourself and your child in one mindful moment a day.

Mother Om is a lovely volume that demonstrates to mothers (and others) how to bring mindfulness into their living experience on a daily basis. Adopting mindfulness is arguably one of the most important practices anyone can undertake and it is a simple thing to start and to continue.

The author, Leonie Percy, talks about her own journey to mindfulness which was tested when she found herself as a single mother of two year old Lael, after her husband announced that he no longer loved her and her marriage “ended in a heartbeat”.

Rather than letting that event destroy her, it provided the catalyst for Leonie to find purpose and meaning in her yoga practice, in her mindfulness practice and in her determination to bring more love and light into her world and the world of other mothers. Her yoga business Yoga Mamata was born out of her determination to find a positive direction and meaning in her life and her philosophy of loving-kindness shines through each chapter of the book.

Leonie PercyThis is a delightful read that delves into the practice of mindfulness, or being fully present in each moment, and the importance of living this practice and teaching it to one’s children. Leonie also relates the practice of yoga, meditation, awareness and compassion to developmental stages of children and provides many ideas and practical examples that will make an immediate positive impact on the whole family.

Children and parents alike are under ever increasing pressures to live successfully in a busy world full of commitments, responsibilities and stresses, and Leonie teaches that adopting a daily practice of mindfulness through meditation and yoga, even if it is a mere 10 minutes a day, will make all the difference, even for the most busy mum.

Mother Om is the kind of book that you can read from cover to cover, or to dip into over a calming cup of tea to provide inspiration and ideas for elevating your daily life by adopting loving-kindness within yourself, your children, your friends and even with strangers. It will encourage you to open your heart, love yourself and speak your truth. Allowing that space in your life creates ripples that go around the whole world.

As a mother, you are the whisper in your child’s ear, the soft breeze in the trees, the smell of a dozen roses, the fragrance of love. You are a gentle hand on a runny nose and a knitted scarf on a winter’s day. You are the sound of rain running down a window and the joy of seeing a face in a fluffy cloud. You are the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Your touch calms and soothes and you make the world go around. You are your child’s first love, best friend, first enemy, first guru. You are irreplaceable. - From Mother Om

About Leonie Percy:

Leonie is a loving mother, author and founder of Yoga Mamata.

After her marriage suddenly ended, leaving her a single mother, she turned to her yoga practice for guidance. For over 15 years, Leonie has been practising Hatha yoga. This path took her on a life-changing journey as she bought her first business YogaBugs in 2010 in Sydney’s east and became a qualified yoga teacher in 2011.

As a single mother, Leonie struggled with motherhood. In 2012 she combined her degree majoring in psychology and passion to keep families connected to create Yoga Mamata where yoga and mindfulness programs and retreats for mums, kids and families is offered. Yoga Mamata believes in creating a connected, compassionate community of like-minded families that are committed to making a difference in this overstimulated world.

Leonie wrote Mother Om – Connect with yourself and your child in one mindful moment a day hoping to motivate, inspire and empower other mothers who find motherhood stressful. Written from her heart, Leonie shares meditations and mindfulness tips on how to be a connected, content and calm mother.

“Mother Om” is available to purchase for $24.95 at

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