A Modern Girl’s Guide to Being Healthy & Fabulous

I was lucky enough to come across a useful little book by Chiropractor and thoroughly modern girl Dr. Leandra Brady-Walker. It is a no-nonsense and fun guide to living and loving life to the full while taking a sensible approach to health and happiness.

The marketplace is full of health & diet advice, much of which is delivered with strict guidelines on what to eat, when to eat it and how much of it is allowed. No wonder the health industry is in such a dire state. Many women find the idea of following a strict regime appealing as it promises the rewards of a slim body, an abundance of energy and the attendant happiness and fulfillment that must follow. Unfortunately these ideals are often so unrealistic and out of touch with the modern woman and her challenges, stressors and lifestyle that many women don’t ever reach the promised rewards – life just gets in the way.

So it was a great pleasure to sit down and read Dr. Leandra’s guide to having your carrot cake and eating it too. This book is such a fun read and it is also very down to earth and practical. She covers common stressors in every modern girl’s life such as physical stressors (and being a Chiropractor she is well-versed in helping out on this score), chemical stressors (or what substances we put in and on our bodies), and emotional stressors (perhaps the most insidious of all!).Leandra Brady-Walker

By taking the 80/20 rule into consideration in areas of diet, lifestyle and finances, Dr Leandra proves that while we do need to take responsibility for our life choices, we can still have some leeway to enjoy ourselves without locking ourselves into a prison of unrealistic and difficult expectations of perfection.

This is a thoroughly practical guide to succeeding across a wide range of life goals without feeling deprived. Dr Leandra provides tips galore on how to enjoy your life while boosting your immune system, losing weight, sleeping sounder, finding peace of mind and generally improving all areas of your life. It doesn’t matter where you are on the health and happiness spectrum – let Dr Leandra take you by the hand and guide you into a sensible change program. You'll be glad you did!

The Cosmopolitan Hippy – You could say it’s where science meets bliss!

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