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Not My Brightest Move

Have you ever done something and thought "Oh Crap that was not my brightest move"? Just recently I was at the beach and had heels on. Well I decided I was getting out of the car and walking down to the water’s edge. Every step I took I sank into the sand. I was cracking up at myself thinking people probably think I am nuts but I had fun. When I got home I took the shoes off and wiped off the sand. Easy right? Then why do we constantly beat ourselves up for every little thing we do...

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Why You Should Put Yourself First

When will you consciously put yourself first?? Love! We are taught as children by action or by word that we are to please everyone first. Our needs and desires come last. Help everyone out and hopefully when you have a spare moment it will be our turn to do something for ourselves. To be something or someone for others is draining. So much so that by the time we even recognize it, we are too damn tired to do something we want. It seems we are always running in different directions and chasing our own tails to accomplish what...

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Do You Have Puppet Syndrome?

Today as I look in the mirror, I see a beautiful woman who lives her life in her way. As I make great strides in my life, I watch it unfold as if watching a movie. I catch myself rehashing negative comments and situations that I have lived through making me who I am today. As I look back, I ask if I could have done things differently. Then I realize that I did the best I could with what I had. I realize that I love being me and the hell with those who do not agree or...

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Confession Time

As the holidays approached last year I was on top of the world. Everything seemed bright and cheery. When one morning I woke up and the world started to crumble. Was it a specific event or a conflict? Nope, it was life that threw me for a loop. I had a mindset meltdown. The previous September I'd found myself a brilliant coach. A slight adjustment on my path and loads of enthusiasm. What happened? Well this is what I can tell you. Got caught up in the emotional roller coaster from HELL. It brought me to my knees. All...

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Taking Chances

A new beginning can be at any point, at any time you choose. It can even come from crashing and burning. I moved to Florida several years ago, I was miserable that we moved to a place that I did not know anyone. I was a fish out of water wondering what the hell I did by moving away from everything I knew. That move was the catalyst in my life to start over. There were times I was on the emotional rollercoaster and it seemed the more drastic it was the more I was able to release things,...

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The Challenges of Your Business

When I started my own business, I did not have a clue. NADA!!! The excitement that I had thrumming through my veins was being tested by being told to “Get a Real Job" or “Stop Playing at Business” “Who do YOU think You Are?” or even worse zero acknowledgement. I kept wondering at this point what a real job is anyway. There is no loyalty or security now a day at a “real job”. To make matters worse I was putting on a face to the rest of the world that everything is great. Burning the candle at both...

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