From Illiterate to Inspiration A dyslexic high school dropout at 14, Lyn actually taught herself to read properly. Then went on to study the one thing that has always interested her; the human body and what makes us tick. 41 years later; Lyn Collett is an authority and published author in health and fitness, specialising in the mind body connection as it relates to health, communication, relationships and life. She lives and breathes women’s health. At 55 she not only looks great, she’s passionate about helping others look and feel the same way! ‘Life’s simple – people complicate it’ is Lyn’s catch cry. With formal training in Natural Medicine, and nutrition, a Diploma in Fitness, as well as a published author and key note speaker. Lyn presents her powerful knowledge of the human mind as it relates the health, and why we do or do not do certain things to enhance our quality of life, where she stimulates, indeed captivates audiences with her ability to simplify and make health and personal development fun, uncomplicated, and transforming. Lyn Collett Links and contacts… Lyn has developed online courses in Self Communication, Nutrition (what’s really happening today), Goal setting and fitness. Life Skill Courses Lyn has several books to help people understand themselves better and to make significant change in all areas of their lives. World Wide Branding Amazon