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Let’s Focus on the Real Issue

The YouTuber, Logan Paul, posted a video yesterday as a response to his recent "suicide forest" video, where he came upon someone who had hung themselves. He was so shocked that he did what I can assume he does when he feels uncomfortable....he was laughing....I could see that he was laughing from the obvious shock of seeing a dead body and his very obviously uncomfortable reaction from this experience... The world did not take it very well, he had alot of backlash from it and he hid for about 2-3 weeks.... When he released his video yesterday, it was...

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How to Heal Your Life

Often I am told by people when they come to me with an issue that: “I’m not the problem. My problem is my husband/partner/mother/father/sister /daughter/son…. Can I organise for them to come and see you?" I actually say to them "I have a better plan! We can change them much easier than that! And help you at the same time!" How? Let me tell you how this works. You see, energetically you have brought these people into your life for a reason. That reason is to help you grow as a person. We think we attract these beautiful partners into our...

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