Entrepreneurial Mindset, Courage and Process

If you are an entrepreneur you know that from the onset your attitude must be properly aligned with your assignment (that assignment being what you bring to the marketplace).  It helps if you are not prone to easily being discouraged, but even that can be modified with an adjustment of your mindset.

Along with the right mindset, it takes courage to bring forth an idea knowing that it could change your life and the lives of others.  It takes even greater courage to introduce an idea not knowing whether it will be accepted or rejected.  Entrepreneurship does not come with built-in support systems like employees holding traditional jobs.  Therefore, belief in yourself and your ideas are essential to bringing those ideas full circle.

From the beginning you have understand that not everyone will buy into your idea and that that’s okay.  From the beginning you have to decide how you will view and deal with challenges and distractions.  You have to look for inspiration and motivation wherever you can find it in the form of books, conferences, seminars, workshop, partnerships, relationships and even mentors or coaches.  Oh and let’s not forget about the biggest challenge:  self-motivation.

From the beginning you have to accept that the first year or two may be the toughest and that during that time, progress may not be evident.  Accepting that everything that you do in the early years may not result in earth shaking breakthrough moments, but understand that a breakthrough does not have to be earth shaking for it to have an impact or represent a worthwhile milestone.  You have to realize that every successful entrepreneur that has gone before you did not attain their level of success without some lessons learned and some major and minor setbacks.

Everything that you have read hear thus far requires you to have courage.  If you have never viewed yourself as a courageous person, that’s okay because courage can come from the strangest places.  However, the greatest source stems from belief in yourself and belief in what you bring to the table.

Embrace the Process

Many times, especially during the creative process of trying to pull an idea or concept together, you can get so caught up in the details until the purpose gets lost or murky.  Before you know it you’ve lost clarity of thought and action and that wonderful idea becomes a fog.  I came across the following quote by artist Branko Medenic and it is one that will definitely be mounted in clear view from this day forward.  “In order to reach your creative flow, concentrate on the pure joy of the process rather than the goal.”

When you concentrate on the pure joy of the process, the objective remains clear and effortless instead of becoming cloudy and energy-consuming. Enjoying the process allows you to serve as a creative conduit whereby ideas flow freely and build upon the preceding ideas.  This is how and when you experience the purest pleasure of seeing a plan come together.

Enjoying the process will do far more to advance your project than focusing entirely on the goal.  Focusing solely on the end result can often lead to doubt as to whether you are doing the right thing, headed in the right direction, or whether your ideas are simply futile.  Focusing too much on the goal without the advantage of embracing the process becomes daunting and every action can begin to call into question your motives.  Don’t let that happen.

You Can Do This

The excitement generated by your idea is indicative that you could be on to something.  Like everything else, you are not alone in your thinking particularly if your idea will fill a need or a void in the lives of others.  I am a firm believer that if the outcome will serve the greater good, then it’s a good idea.  Therefore this article can be summed up by these guiding principles:

  • Know that embarking upon something new takes courage
  • Believe in yourself and your ideas
  • “In order to reach your creative flow, concentrate on the pure joy of the process than the goal.” Branko Medenic
  • Great ideas will always serve the needs of others

Should you find yourself in a state of discouragement, remind yourself of how your product or idea will enhance the quality of someone else’s life.  You can and will go the distance if you maintain that belief, keep things in perspective and enjoy the natural flow of the course.