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Entrepreneurial Success – What it Takes

Entrepreneurial Mindset, Courage and Process If you are an entrepreneur you know that from the onset your attitude must be properly aligned with your assignment (that assignment being what you bring to the marketplace).  It helps if you are not prone to easily being discouraged, but even that can be modified with an adjustment of your mindset. Along with the right mindset, it takes courage to bring forth an idea knowing that it could change your life and the lives of others.  It takes even greater courage to introduce an idea not knowing whether it will be accepted or...

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Exiting Your Comfort Zone

It’s a funny thing about comfort zones. First when you think comfort, you think “good” as in a cozy place like on your favorite sofa wrapped up in a blanket on a cold, snowy night. When you think of comfort, you think of your bed or your Mom’s house or being among good friends and family. These are the feel good kinds of comfort that make us relish in the abundance of our lives. Then there is the evil twin sister of comfort and that’s the comfort zone. Comfort zones are the areas of your life that keep you...

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You Are An Empowered Woman

Even When You Think You Aren't Recently I made the statement on Facebook that "I Am an Empowered Woman.  Are You?" and a FB friend's answer inspired this post and I thank her for that.  She responded "no" and she asked the question "how does that work?"  I responded on FB, but I decided to continue my answer here. An Empowered Woman:  How Does That Work? I believe every woman is innately empowered whether they know it or not.  I believe that the unveiling of empowerment is possible given the right tools, guidance, and proper environment. An empowered woman will blossom when she...

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Defining Moments

Acknowledge Your Defining Moments Defining moments refer to that very instant that you realize your life will change forever.   They are the epiphanies that shine a light on a specific purpose. You spend your entire life doing the things that you want to do or need to do and at the bat of an eye, you realize your true purpose.  It's a game-changing realization and the sweetest part of your life begins right then.  How sweet it is until you ask yourself "now what?"  What is next for you?  How do you approach this new found vision?  How does it fit...

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How to Reset Your Life

Have you ever had those moments when you realize just how good life is and then suddenly it gets better?  Actually it's not all that sudden but it seems that way in the moment.  Life does not come without the trials that set us back on occasion. However, the good news about life's setbacks is that at any given time, you can hit the reset button on your life and get back on track. I call it Renew Refresh Reset Your Life and I live by the principle that every day presents another opportunity to hit the reset button on...

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