Relaxation for Mums


Mum's are the busiest people I know. If you're a mum, how often are you taking time out to relax?

Or are you like me and find it hard to relax? Being relaxed can help ease stress, relieve anxiety, depression and sleep problems. To relax means to remove the noise in our head, calm the mind and slow down the body. Don’t forget to breathe. Even by taking some good deep breathes will help you to relax.

Here are some easy and simple tips to feel more relaxed

Sleep in

We are always thinking about how much more we can fit in our day. We race from the start of the day to the end. We are usually pooped by the time we hit the sack. Start your relaxing day with a sleep in. If you have small children, ask your partner to take care of them, even if it is for an extra half hour. If a sleep in on your own is out of the question, pop the kids in your bed for cuddles. They will love it too!


Exercise helps to boost endorphins and reduce stress—and research shows that 20 minutes each day is all that is needed to experience benefits. Take time out for yourself to go for a walk, or swim or do yoga or mediate. Take the kids for an easy bike ride.

Avoid Distractions

We keep ourselves busy with errands to run, groceries to buy and dry cleaning to pick up, as well as keeping up with email, social media, tv and phones. We are spending more time glued to a phone screen than looking at our partner or our kids. Turn off the TV and put your phone away and keep your errands to a minimum. It will still be there when your ready.

De-clutter your mind

If you have persistent thoughts or concerns, clear your thoughts by saying to yourself “Today is not the day to solve any problems – I will take care of it tomorrow”. If you remove the thoughts that are bothering you, you may find that a solution magically appears! Take a ‘mind’ time out.


Listening to soothing music can be very relaxing—and slow tempos in particular can induce a calm state of mind. It can also slow down breathing and heart rate, lower blood pressure, and relax tense muscles too. Or put some dance music on and dance away your stresses. It doubles as a fun cardio workout.

Get the kids to join in the fun too.

Feel love

Look around you and who do you see? Who are these people that you are connected with? Are you surrounded by people that love you? Take time to notice them and feel their love. Allow this feeling to expand and put it into your heart.

Give yourself this wonderful gift of love.

Have a Hot Bath

For some of us, having a hot bath is not a regular thing we take time to do for ourselves. We may view this as something we do at a day spa when we get a gift voucher. Heat relaxes muscles—and taking a long bath can be soothing for the mind as well. Treat yourself. Get your favourite bath salts, soaps, oils and get a bath pillow or even get your favourite book or magazine out. Make it more special and decorate the room with candles and incorporate a facial treatment. Why not enjoy your bath and celebrate with a glass of bubbly.

“The most important thing she’d learned over the years was that there was no way to be a perfect mother and a million ways to be a great one” – Jill Churchill

Celebrate and rejoice in being a mum. Pat yourself on the back for all your hard work and reward yourself with a relaxing day. Do this often!!