I’ve Changed My Number


As much as people are in the present time sometimes it is hard for them to remain there. They may want to future[-]trip into what can happen next, or remain in [the] past. Often people can stay fixed in the past, as it is a place they do not want to move away from. They may go to the extreme of not wanting life to stand still, like the character Miss Haversham in the book Great Expectations.

A number can be a fixed destination

What inspired me to write this article was a poster I recently saw on FaceBook. It read:

“When the past calls, let it go to voicemail. It has nothing new to say”.

This hit a spot with me, as I had been there where someone from my past – the ex – tried to re-enter my life, and before I knew it tried to cause havoc. You may be thinking that I could have prevented this. Yes, we can take charge of how we would like a relationship to go. Yes, I could have simply not answered the calls. One solution that has been suggested to me in terms of moving away permanently from a past relationship was to change my mobile number. That way it would (supposedly) be impossible for the past to reach me at that fixed destination.

This whole principle of a number being a fixed destination is interesting. In terms of geographical locations, they are fixed and the coordinates do not change. They are things that do not stay fixed like people, why we have devices like mobile phones that are there with us when we are on the move.

“[A] Number can be tied to where you are at a stage in life”

When I was growing up which was not too long ago, I enjoyed listening to radio stations. Tuning into the stations, which were on different channels or frequencies. Talking about frequencies, we are made up of many atoms; and I support the theory that we are energies. Like radio frequencies, energies can submit out different information on: emotions, rationale and logistics. So I can be at the frequency where I am submitting out low energy vibration. This can be linked to how I feel about myself, which may be low; and what is going on around me. Often it is said that what is going on outside is a reflection of what is happening inside. For example if you feel that life is difficult, and nothing ever goes too well; then this will manifest out in your world outside.

“Tuning into your frequency”

We have the power within to create the reality that we want.

How many times have you heard the following phrases:

“Where you put the focus the energy will flow”

“It’s not the situation but how you perceive it”

“That person sees something through ‘entrepreneurial’ spectacles”

“A miracle is a shift in perception from fear to love”

So have you not noticed that feelings and what we project are coming from within? No one controls this. From some of the above-mentioned quotes, you will also see a common thread on choice. How we always have a choice in what we want to see, want to understand, who we want to connect with like answering the phone to the past.

Question: Will you be changing your number?