Drive Time


The Chariot is also the Child of the Powers of the Waters and Lord of the Triumph of Light. It has affinity with the astrological sign of Cancer and represents favourable new beginnings, progress and will-power. The Chariot and it's driver represent mastery and victory, but not without effort. The Chariot has links to Apollo the Sun God, who drove his golden chariot across the arc of the sky.

The Chariot itself is a man-made object, often depicted as being drawn by two horses – one black, one white. Your plans and schemes (signified by the chariot) to get you to where you want to go are no good to use without the judicious use of your intuition (signified by the horses). Conscious and subconscious forces will be driving the outcome of a new venture, and you don't want one force pulling one way and the other pulling in the opposite direction as your plans will not go anywhere. There is often conflict denoted in this card, and the need to overcome internal conflicts to succeed at what is really important is what this card brings you to.

The Chariot brings victory after a long struggle in the wilderness, so it represents drive and perseverance. Make sure what you are heading towards is what you truly want. So often in life we start out on one path but when the odds are against us or the going gets tough, we decide that we didn't want that result after all and so shift our focus. But when we are working towards something that is truly close to our heart, then no amount of delays or frustrations will turn us from our purpose – it's almost as if we have a different source of energy available to us. That is energy fueled by passion.

The Chariot represents the positive qualities of tenacity, effort, willpower and drive to reach a long awaited success. That success, when it comes, is sweet and well-deserved and The Chariot also tells you to have more goals beyond this one mapped out in advance. It is a common occurrence to feel deflated and depressed after striving for so long after a cherished goal, and, having succeeded, there is nothing else to do and no outlet for the tremendous energy that has become your mode of operating. Always plan for the next step, even after victory.

Opportunities for travel and news from faraway places that serve to inspire you are possible now and you may attract into your life someone who broadens your horizons and shows you a world of possibilities that stretch your previously narrow focus. Suddenly what you are seeing as possible for you is far beyond what you dared dream for yourself. You are moving into new territory and so you will need lots of energy and focus to navigate the new paths successfully.

Traditionally, when The Chariot turns up for you in a reading, you can expect movement – news, travel, visitors, you may get yourself a new car, or have problems with the old one.

The Chariot is also a metaphor for the body, since the body is the vehicle of our Soul. If you dream about a chariot or car, this can indicate what is going on with your health. If you own a car, what condition is it in? How do you drive it? Are you cautious and careful, or are you distracted and fearful, or reckless and speedy? Do you have your car serviced regularly or do you wait until something goes wrong before you get it seen to?

This card shows that you will be successful, however you need to be serious and work for your results – this will apply to your health, your business, your relationships, all. Create a plan for any or all of these areas and follow your plan closely. You are entering a positive phase in your life, be prepared to leave behind the things that no longer serve you and create for yourself a loving and secure environment that will nurture you and support your efforts.