Signified by Venus in Virgo, the Nine of Coins is a very encouraging card to draw in matters of health. It tells of favourable test results, a return to vitality and optimism.

More generally it pertains to inner and outer success. There is an abundance of generosity, peace and sharing, and an absence of fear.

Optimism and the realisation of your higher tasks in life and their fulfillment come with the card. There has been much work to do, yes, but you do it gladly because you know the rewards for yourself and for others is guaranteed.

Examine where you are right now on your path - are you in harmony with your beliefs about your life goals? If you are not, you soon will be.

Traditionally this card means that financial rewards, allowing you to exercise your independence and comfort, are coming, but this is just the outer evidence of your own inner spiritual and emotional riches.

Venus indicates sensual pleasures and in Virgo it means that you will organise your life in order to enjoy all that has heart and meaning for you now.

Image from "Legacy of the Divine Tarot" © Ciro Marchetti

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