5 Ways to Have Happiness Now

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To simply be happy is one of the main joys we will experience in our lives. Yet I continually see people striving so hard to find this happiness in amongst their own personal expectations, conditions and stories without ever truly allowing themselves to simply feel it in every moment.

We tell ourselves over and over stories like “when I get a new job, or when I lose 10kg, or when I find my soul mate I will find happiness.” This self-limiting thinking is what stops us from truly experiencing happiness and connecting to that ecstatic sense of joy and wonder in every moment of our lives.

The reason why happiness such a powerful emotion is that not only does it make us feel warm and fuzzy on the inside but it has enormous beneficial effects on the physical body so we literally feel amazing due to the biochemical changes that occur. Scientific research on the topic of happiness indicate that our stress levels are lowered, more oxygen is able to enter into the body, the endorphins are raised giving us a sense of peace and joy, our cells are energized which supports our organs and bodily tissues. Happiness invokes space for balance and harmony within our biochemistry and because of that everything starts to flow and work more effectively. When we are happy our body’s feels safe and we become energized to do whatever it is we need to do without getting depleted for exhausted.

So happiness is not only a powerful healing experience for our emotional selves but it has enormous healing benefits in the physical body as well and therefore it becomes a tool to keep us balanced, centered and grounded in all aspects of our lives.

Although the truth of the matter is like every emotion and every experience we go through in our lives nothing lasts forever. Just like the ebbs and flows of the ocean waves we experience a vast array of emotions that float through us all throughout our existence. It is not possible to be happy every single second of every single day. We don’t always experience happiness when we are going through extreme hardships, trauma, grief, anxiety or intense sadness. Life continually offers us a full spectrum of emotions and we need all of them for lessons, wisdom, insight and growth. That’s why the power of happiness must be felt as much as you can while you can throughout your life. Don’t wait until you lose those kg’s or find that partner, or get that promotion or move into a bigger house to be happy. Be happy now. Right now, in this moment. Choose to be happy in amongst the chaos, busyness and craziness. Make an effort to be happy to keep yourself balanced, grounded and focused on what’s important in your life. Open yourself up to happiness and allow it to deliver bliss, inspiration and power into every part of your life today, now!

Here’s my 5 top thought provoking questions to see where you can discover even more happiness in your life & how you can implement some changes to your schedule and behavior to make room for more happiness. Answer these honestly to yourself to help grow your own inner light of happiness within you.


1. What is stopping me from truly experiencing happiness in my life? (For example; My weight, my lack of partner, my finances, my job etc)
2. What am I doing when I am feeling happiest and free in my life? (For example; playing with my kids, listening to music, surfing, watching the sunrise etc.)
3. Who is the happiest person I know? What qualities does this person have that I admire?
4. What commitment am I going to make to myself in order to bring more happiness into my life? (For example; spend more time in nature, listen to music everyday, spend more time with my loved ones, rearrange my schedule to have more free time to play etc.)
5. How can I pay forward and share my happiness by making someone else happy? (For example; donate to a charity, tell someone all the things you love and appreciate about them, smile at a stranger, rescue a shelter animal etc.)

Happiness is a powerful healing emotion that needs to be shared amongst all our fellow family, tribe and communities that share this planet with us. So go on, turn the corners of your mouth up to the sky, take in a deep breath and decide to be happy and grateful today and share that feeling with all who come across your path. Let’s all fully embrace happiness in every moment we can.

Kate Reardon is a Naturopath, Nutritionist and Intuitive Metaphysical Healer. Kate has managed health retreats in Thailand, seeing personal one on one clients in UK, USA, Spain, New Zealand, Canada, Australia and Indonesia, presenting health workshops and seminars in Thailand and Australia to eventually founding Natural Instinct Healing Health retreat which runs fasting, detox, raw food and yoga in Bali.
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