When it comes to first dates, these great tips will make sure you have a fantastic time.

  1. Be warm and friendly. Yes as simple as being nice is all it takes to kick off a great date. Even if you have had a bad day keep it to yourself. Your date is here to get to know YOU not your day and vice versa. If you have had a heavy day make sure you decompress before your date so you can give him the best possible you!
  2. Smile. A smile is sexy, it opens us you to possibility and allows your date to be comfortable. A simple smile will get the best of out your date and relax the mood just and open up the doors to possibility.
  3. Have fun! Even if your date is disastrous and you can’t see it going anywhere what is the harm in having a little fun, get to know your date. Laugh off any awkward moments.
  4. Dress to impress. Ladies that doesn’t mean short and tight, remember the rule choose one; either cleave or legs but not both! Leave a little to the imagination.
  5. Check your hair style. Ladies, get a blow dry, do it yourself or get yourself to a blow dry bar, there are no excuses for not having your hair groomed. You’d be surprised just how many men notice a woman’s hair.
  6. Ask your date uplifting questions. Keep the focus on your date; ask him questions about his favourite holidays, which movie star best represents him, if he could invite any three people in the world to dinner who would they be? Keep the conversation light-hearted and fun! If it is one sided and he isn’t asking you questions, it’s a really good sign he is having a great time. Embrace it, plus you are a big girl you can share your story along the way. It will show great confidence and charisma.
  7. Touch your date. Now I’m not saying a full groping - far from that! Studies have revealed a simple touch even as little as reaching for something can ignite chemistry. In conversation lightly brush his forearm, playfully squeeze his bicep, have your shoulder touch.
  8. Do something different. Dinner, movies is good but how about something different. Bring out your inner child, go to a theme park, and see what’s on in the city. Go horse riding, ice skating, by learning something new together - it makes it so much more fun getting to know each other and gets rid of any dating jitters.
  9. Eye contact. Eye contact is essential with intimacy. Studies have revealed that looking into a person’s eyes for as little as two minutes can subconsciously trigger the chemical reaction that makes us fall in love. Make sure it is appropriate, keep your gaze look away slowly and give him a soft look with a smile he will melt!
  10. Offer to pay. Most men do like to pay for the date, however they do frown upon a woman who has the expectation that he will pay. Offer to pay, do the shuffle - by doing this, it shows your date that you appreciate him. Offering to pay is seen very favourably by men.

Be sure to use these tips and you'll be never short of a great night or a great date.

Samantha Jayne is a Relationship Expert, Dating Coach, Matchmaker, Author, Speaker and founder of Samantha Jayne.

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