A few days back I was talking to a corporate client of mine about what she struggles with most when it comes to staying on track with her health. Her answer was a typical and pretty valid one, and something you might resonate with as well.

Her answer was simple…I just don’t always have the time.

I completely get this, and it’s something I find challenged by at times too.

The secret however is in how you process the challenge in your mind and whether you are willing to look outside the square to solve it.

I love being able to remove barriers for my clients, so when she said that time was her challenge, I set about giving her some really practical solutions that could make is far easier for her to tick off her wellness goals, even when she was time poor. She would have heaps more energy to get what she needed done in her day, and her mind would be free to think about the important things rather than what she was having for dinner, or how slack she thought she was for skipping her walk that morning.

Time can’t buy money…but it can be used to out source!

Here are my top three smart ways to outsource your wellness so you get the biggest benefit with the lest amount of organising.

Outsource Your Food Prep

Sign up to a food delivery service like Hello Fresh and You Plate It. Both companies create really healthy tasty recipes, then pre package the ingredients so that all you need to do is cook. I have one client who lives on her own and signed up for the couples box, which meant each time she cooked she also had lunch for the following day. I use the family box and I have to say there has not been one meal my kids have turned their nose up at. The best thing is that I don't have to think of what to cook each night and better still, I don’t have to set foot in a supermarket if I then order the other common groceries we need online as well! Plus there is next to no food wastage each week which saves money!

Outsource your food prep for your weekly meals and leave the weekend for eating out or using cooking as a way to unwind if that’s what floats your boat.

Outsource Your Fitness

I might be biased here but small group personal training sessions, or even private sessions really do help you get and stay fit…and this is one of the best ways to boost your productivity at work. A super ambitions career women I work with does just that - she sees me twice a week for 30 minutes at a time and then may squeeze in a run or a class at another time in the week. Over the past 4 months her body shape has changed dramatically, her fitness levels are through the roof, and she said that the only thing she is doing differently is the training we do each week. The sessions keep her accountable and she makes sure they are locked into her calendar. each week.

There are so many different ways you can outsource your fitness: get a few colleagues together at work and bring in a trainer at a time of the day that suits; hire a yoga teacher to make sure your body is getting the mobility and strength it needs so that you stay pain free and mentally on fire at work; sign up to a small group program that automatically debits your account monthly (make sure they have a good timetable for those weeks when you may need to shift your booking).

Outsource Your Stress

Yes please I hear you say! If there is one thing that can throw a spanner in the works it’s stress. Not only can stress contribute to fat gain around the midsection, it may also cause your usual sharp focused mind to scramble…which can make you feel less capable of getting the job done.

My number one strategy for outsourcing stress is to have a regular massage - whether you can afford it weekly, fortnightly or monthly, a massage is such a simple way to de-stress. Not only does physical touch increase oxytocin in your body (think happy hormones), it also helps to down regulate cortisol levels and nurtures your adrenal glands. If you want to avoid burn out then this is a must.

Massage can take many forms - full body, feet, head, shoulders - the most important thing to remember is that this must be a massage that is somewhat relaxing. Sure you might have a few tight muscles that need some smoothing out, but you won’t benefit from the massage as much if you are white knuckling the table and wishing it was over. I personally like Swedish or Hot Stone massage. If you want to be taken to another planet, then I highly recommend Lomi Lomi (Hawaiian) Massage…freaking incredible!

There you have it, three easy ways to outsource your wellness so that you can perform the way you want.

I have chosen to focus on these three areas (food, movement and stress) because they are often the ones that cause the most damage from a health and performance perspective if ignored.

Whilst money can’t buy you time…it can buy you some pretty darn good wellness strategies - ones that can have a huge impact on the way you look and feel and your ability to bring your A-game at work and in life.


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Lisa Mills is on a mission to inspire women all over the world to nourish their body and harness their mind so they can kick arse in life, without sacrificing their health or happiness. She teaches women how to boost their energy, become focused, and mentally and physically strong so they not only succeed, but also connect with their highest purpose.
Lisa is a qualified Coach, Fitness Trainer, Neurolinguistic Practitioner and Speaker with over 20 years experience teaching women how to look after their body and develop a strong and resilient mindset. Her unique Secret Success Blueprint Formula and practical coaching style gives her clients the confidence and tools they need to succeed.