Here's what you need to know.

Walk into any drugstore or cosmetic counter and you are placed into one of four categories: normal, dry, oily, or combination. This designation is your label, your lifeline, and your guide to skincare. The problem is these beauty industry labels don't fit anyone. Sometimes you might feel dry, the next day might seem a bit oily, and you're nearly always a combination and hardly ever feel "normal"

As a result, most of us bounce around from product to product finding what works in the moment, and nothing that is effective or actually safe to use. Behind the labels and marketing campaigns of major beauty products is the harsh reality of frightening ingredients and toxic side effects. Mainstream cosmetics have been known to include poisonous ingredients including mercury, lead, arsenic that are soaked into the skin and linked to disease, reproductive issues, hormonal problems, and significant issues in women. In my recent book, "10 Reasons To Swap Your Lipstick" I have included a Glossary of Harmful Cosmetic Ingredient's so you know exactly what to avoid in personal care products and why.

The problem is, finding natural products on store shelves can be nearly impossible. Although the natural beauty craze is on the rise, just because something has "natural" on the label, doesn't mean it is safe. Many of the most popular "natural" or "mineral" products have the same harmful ingredients we are trying to avoid.

The only alternative is a completely chemical-free and lab-free alternative that you can create in your own home. Truly natural cosmetics are derived from fresh that you can spell (and pronounce) easily. The best and safest way to find these cosmetics is to create them yourself. The good news is, creating them yourself is also easier, faster, and cheaper than anything you will find in the store.

Here is a few things you need to know when going chemical free in your beauty regimen:

The Test of Time: Your skin needs at least a month to transition from one product to another. This means it will take about a month for your skin to rejuvenate itself once you switch from your old products. Give the new products time to produce the results you are looking for.

The Detox: When you switch from commercially made chemical cosmetics to natural products, your skin will undergo a little bit of culture shock. As part of this transition, you may experience an initial detox, which is small amounts of acne or bumps on the skin. If you can ride out the detox without picking at your skin, you will be rewarded with beautiful, smooth, and clear skin. A detox is only small patches of red or bumpy areas.

Research: I provide a glossary of harmful ingredients in my book, "10 Reasons To Swap Your Lipstick ". Avoiding these ingredients is the easy part. Researching and understanding what ingredients you should be using is the hard part. Going natural takes a little bit of research to determine the benefits of each individual ingredient, and how they work together. This allows you to customise your products based on your personal preferences.

Test First: if you've never used lavender, or coconut oil, or jojoba on your skin, test a small area to be sure you don't have a hidden allergy you didn't know about. You can try a product on your wrist area first before you put it on your face.

May Be Habit-Forming: It is important to note that once you go chemical free, you may develop a set of new addicting habits. The process of tracking ingredients, reading about natural oils, creating your own lipstick shades, and whipping up face cream in your kitchen may be addicting.

Be Your Own Guru:  I encourage all women to be their own advocate in choosing their skincare and cosmetics. No machine, no program, and no sales representative knows your skin as you do. Learn what your own beauty needs are, and customise your products to fit exactly what you need.

Going for chemical free face wash and makeup is only the beginning. This newfound freedom of cosmetic counters provides a healthier, smarter, and more confident lifestyle that extends well beyond beauty products. Swapping store-bought products for custom creations instills creativity and confidence knowing that you are taking control of your own life. You discover what you are capable of, and develop skills you never knew existed. This process helps women of all ages to believe in themselves, to take back the power and puts you back in the driver's seat.

Although technology has made significant improvements in many areas of our lives, that doesn't mean everything should come from a factory. Take back control of your own health, beauty, and confidence by living chemical-free.

Lana King founded company and is grateful that through this business she is making a positive impact throughout the world.
It was her love of natural cosmetics and passion for inspiring people that lead her to write a book “10 Reasons to Swap Your Lipstick – The Smart Woman’s Guide to Better Lipstick Options.”
Lana started her career in the cosmetic industry as Biotechnologist, but soon realised that her real passion for educating people about safe and fresh cosmetics. In her spare time, Lana loves to create her own raw food recipes and practice yoga.
She is also making plans to fulfil her dream of building a yoga retreat with a huge collection of books.