Tired arms and legs can often lead to extreme fatigue. Whether you’re a construction worker, or simply an overworked mum, it can be very difficult to concentrate on anything at all when suffering from tired arms and legs. There are a few things that you might be able to do to treat this type of fatigue, but it’s important to note that you should always talk to a doctor first. You may also want to determine exactly what in your life is causing this type of muscle fatigue, and take steps to remove your stressors.

Water for Arms and Legs

You may not realise this, but dehydration actually plays a large part in whether your arms and legs are sore. By making sure that you are not dehydrated, you can often reduce your overall feelings of pain. Everyone needs a certain amount of water throughout the day, and some diets, such as those that are high in sodium can potentially increase levels of dehydration. Try drinking a few glasses of water to see if this helps. Otherwise, you can also consult your doctor regarding any nutritional deficiencies that could be causing your pain.

Heated Patches for Arms and Legs

Heating, and even cooling, patches can be applied to sore areas for relief. Heating packages may be effective for those that want to ease aching muscles within their arms or shins. Heating patches can usually be found at a pharmacy, and they’re usually fairly cheap and affordable to boot.

Compression Stockings For Tired Legs

Compression stockings are a great way to treat tired legs. Compression stockings will often reduce achiness, numbness or sharp pains in legs by reducing the movement of the legs and reducing the amount of fluid that builds up within them.

Compression stockings can also be used to limit the appearance of varicose veins.

Massages for Tired Arms and Legs

A comprehensive massage is an absolutely brilliant way to get rid of exhaustion and pain in arms and legs. A qualified masseuse will be able to remove any knots or sore areas within your arms and legs so that you can continue with your day. Many masseuses offer fairly reasonable rates.

Naps for Tired Arms and Legs

Many times you will feel more pain or discomfort simply because you’re tired. If your arms and legs hurt, and you’ve also been awake for some time, you should strongly consider taking a nap. You may find that you wake up not only refreshed, but also experiencing significantly less pain. This can also be due to the fact that stress and exhaustion can tense up your muscles, thereby causing greater levels of pain.

Once you’ve appropriately treated your tired arms and legs, with the aid of a physician, you’ll likely find that you have your old energy back. Being exhausted is often a combination of both a lack of sleep as well as your general physical condition. Treating your problem areas could give you back the energy that you felt you lacked.

About the author:

Louisa Jenkins is a health and lifestyle blogger. She regularly wears compression stockings, purchased from Daylong, to alleviate tiredness in her legs.