I began my journey of wanting to live more consciously over five years ago. Up until that point I had predominantly worked as an actor, presenter, MC, writer and voice-artist, enjoying a diverse and rich career across a variety of stage and screen platforms having travelled most of Australia and a lot of the world.

I appeared to have it all. Some would have simply called me a ‘party girl’, loving champagne, red carpets and living the so called ‘high’ life. But after my marriage fell apart and life lessons appeared to be repeating themselves rather than being learnt, it became high time that I took responsibility for my destiny and take charge of a journey towards wellness. I guess you could say that I hit my rock bottom.

Once I started to ‘wake up’, I was overwhelmed with how little I really knew about the toxicity that can not only be found in our everyday home environments but also in the foods we are eating and the products we are using on our skin. I remember feeling that the two University degrees I had under my belt, seemed futile against the importance of educating oneself about holistic health and wellness.

As I have become more educated about the importance of embracing and sustaining an organic, natural lifestyle, so too have we been influenced and educated about the products we choose to support.

Now my pantry is pretty much stocked with all things ‘Certified Organic’. But the journey to having it look that way has certainly taken a considerable amount of time. I love to cook, but I remember when I first looked into cooking more conscious meals, using more nourishing ingredients I didn’t know where to start.

So, I began by discarding anything that used ingredients that I wasn’t familiar with. This basically guided me to remove most bottled foods and processed foods from my cupboard. I couldn’t believe how much I threw out!

Then over a period of six months I slowly began to add organic, stone ground flour, spices and superfoods like Chia seeds and Cacao. I also threw out all refined sugars and replaced them with natural honey and organic maple syrup. I gradually purchased maison glass jars to store everything in. These are most effective when wanting to avoid the dreaded weavels.

I used to bake lasagne as my favourite dish, nowadays I prefer to make sauerkraut for its incredible probiotic gut health benefits. I make the most delicious raw cacao chocolate balls that are entirely sugar free but taste like chocolate and I also love baking my own sourdough spelt bread. When I use certified organic, fresh stone ground spelt flour from my local organic store versus some of the non-certified pre-packaged version it is unbelievable the difference in the loaf. It has so much more flavour and life in it. I liken it to the difference when you eat veges hand-picked from your own garden. Nothing beats it!

If sourcing organic products is difficult for you due to your location there are some wonderful online retailers. We tend to buy in bulk online from retailers like Honest to Goodness in Sydney or Santos in Byron Bay. You could also pool together with a few friends to increase your order to become bulk if you’re on your own.

Today my life is vastly different from the girl you may have met in the inner city of Sydney a decade ago. My lifestyle has slowed down. I have been able to slow down. Today, I am proudly drug, alcohol and nicotine free and I am totally committed to creating a new way for myself that is rich, fulfilling and wondrous. It has not been easy but the dedication has been so worth it.

Now I do not need any sort of substance to feel connected or have a ‘good’ time. I am in an incredible relationship with a divine man. I am a blessed mother and step-mother and spend most of my time on 10 acres in the Blue Mountains surrounded by rescue animals, horses, gardens and nature. We are beginning to learn how to grow more of our own vegetables, become more self-sufficient and one day we hope to live off the grid.

Life is now naturally FUN. I feel present, grounded and ALIVE.

Making the move to consuming nearly all certified organic products, making shifts around what I cook in the kitchen, coupled with continuing to work with a therapist to navigate our emotional life has a profound impact on our overall wellness and vitality.

It’s true what they say: A happy life is a simple life!

All the best with your journey of awakening.


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Zoe Naylor is a well-known, much loved Australian personality; she has worked extensively in film, television and theatre. Zoe is passionate about her work as an activist and philanthropist. She recently launched her Kaftan Mama enterprise and she is an ambassador for Australia Organic Awareness Month 2015.
You can connect with Zoe at www.kaftanmama.com. At Kaftan Mama Zoe shares insights and nourishing products that guide, support and inspire women on their journey of awakening.
Australian Organic Awareness MonthZoe Naylor is an official 2015 Australian Organic Awareness Month ambassador.
To find out more about Australian Organic Awareness Month head to the Australian Organic Website or Facebook.