Why choosing organics has been the best move for my family and my health.

There’s a lot of chit-chat about energy; and in particular positive and negative energy in humans, and the types of people you should invite into your life. For example, you wouldn’t want someone with a constantly negative energy in your home would you? Surely you’d feel the pull, and be drawn into that negativity.

What if I were to tell you that it’s the same with food?

In 1939, Semyon Kirlian, a Russian inventor discovered that by placing certain foods - when connected to a source of electricity - emitted a voltage. This looks, in photos, like a gentle glowing light around the food... an aura if you will. He found that the riper, fresher fruits and vegetables had a stronger voltage than that of older, cooked, processed food.

When I learnt about this about 7 years ago, it just made sense to me. Why wouldn’t the ripe and fresh fruits and vegetables have an energy force? So I dug deeper still.

Organic fruits and vegetables (besides tasting better!) have a stronger energy field. They are devoid of the chemicals and pesticides that unfortunately are so common in commercial produce; thus rendering them healthier and better for you!

When I moved to organics, I noticed the change immediately. Not only was my food tasting better than it ever was; but produce was lasting longer, we felt better, and even my dad- the food critic that he is- couldn’t stop raving that the “carrots taste like carrots!” as opposed to the woody, flavourless carrots he’d been consuming for years.

I visited an organic farm here on the Sunshine Coast and was pleasantly surprised at the love and care that went into growing the vegetables, but also the strict guidelines that were required to be labelled Australian Certified Organic. This really put my mind at ease, knowing that I’m really eating the very best.

Eating out can be somewhat of a challenge; however we keep it simple. We tend to find more organic cafe’s than restaurants, so we go out for brunches instead of dinners. I throw dinner parties at home for my friends, using organic produce and products, and when they’re asked what to bring, I point them in the direction of some organic juice or even some organic wine.

So to bring this full circle; when you consume food, think of the energy that you’re eating.

Choose the best!

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Adele McConnell is a published author, founder of Vegiehead.com, The Vegie Head Academy, co-founder of Make Some Real Dough, and digital author of 10 books, programs and courses. She’s demonstrated her fun, upbeat and approachable style of cooking to thousands of people all over Australia at some of the country’s largest expos and in private cooking workshops.
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