Vanessa calls herself a Personal Energizer. She is a certified reader, healer and biotensor practitioner. She is a spiritual guide, Akashic records reader and also an energetic house cleaner and geopathic stress- & radiation detector. Vanessa has got a succesful practice in Holland (Europe) where she has face to face or online energy work sessions with people from all over the world. So what is energy work? Everyone and everything is made of energy, right? And energy is a vibration. In that vibration lies information. Vanessa connects with that information to work with it, to transform or even to transmute it (only with your permission of course) and to assist you to let go of information, like blocks and beliefs from yourself or from others, so that you can move forward. She makes contact with who you truly are in essence, so that you can hear your own voice, intuition and even your passion and purpose better. Vanessa is convinced you already know it all, but she just assists you in taking off the 'proverbial dust’ as she calls it.