At work one day, I sat down at the table and pulled out my lunch. It was a container of fruit. I took out a smaller container that contained coconut oil and I poured it all over my fruit. One of my nosey co-workers chimed in and asked “Is that all that you are having for lunch, just fruit? What is that you poured over it?” I mentioned to her how I’m on a fruit cleanse to detoxify my body and I use coconut oil to help aid in that process. I explained the benefits of eating the fruit and more importantly why I added coconut oil. She made a snide remark. I just stared at her, stuck my fork in my container and continued my lunch break feeling refreshed.

Natural anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties

Coconut oil has a genetic make up of medium chain fatty acids, making it more saturated in fats than sesame and sunflower oil but not completely saturated like avocado oil. Because of this unique position, research has shown that coconut oil has natural anti-viral and anti bacterial properties. These properties are strong and potent enough to kill off ear infections, fungus that looms in the body, sinus infections, gonorrhea(yes, the STD) amongst other ailments. There are pharmaceutical drugs on the market that are powerful anti-bacterials but there aren't many anti-viral medications and the ones that are out there, don't work so well. Coconut oil when digested regularly and combined with a healthy diet, kills fungus that live and breed inside our bodies.

Face and body moisturizer

Oftentimes I get approached about what it is that I use on my skin to get to glow and look so beautiful. When I respond by saying that I use coconut oil, people give me a puzzled look and comment on how oil is not good for the skin, especially the face as it will caused clogged pores and breakouts. I’m here to tell you that that isn't true, not one bit. You see, we’re so used to hearing that oil clogs pores and causes breakouts, but what we don't hear is the type of oil that causes our bodies to react like that. Coconut oil is from mother nature and if it occurs in nature so beautifully, than how can it be so wrong for us? The oils that we use from conventional lotions, makeup, and facial moisturizers, are artificially made and our bodies recognize that. Oils that are man made and hydrogenated, will cause our bodies to react in a negative way, hence all the breakouts. Coconut oil has natural botanical properties that soothes and moisturizes our skin.

Oral care and dental health

There is an Indian technique that is still part of tradition today and its called oil pulling. For the last 5000 years, Indians have been putting oils into their mouths for various periods of time and swishing it around. This detoxification process, gets rid of bacteria, germs and fungus that plagues our mouths on a daily basis. Traditionally, sesame and sunflower oils were used but any natural oil can do the trick as they each have their own unique properties and values. Coconut oil has the unique property of fighting streptococcus mutans bacteria which causes cavities. Just remember to oil pull first thing in the morning (and can be done any time of the day after that) before you brush your teeth as this gives the best results.

Natural sunscreen

This benefit of coconut oil always seems to bring up some type of debate but I am here to set the record straight. Some have said that coconut oil cannot protect against the rays of the sun and I’m telling you that that’s completely false. Coconut oil is one of nature’s best protectors against sun rays and its damages. Store bought sunscreens contain harsh chemicals like Retinyl(palmitate, a known skin cancer hazard), and oxybenzone(which disrupts hormones leading to cell damage and cancer) amongst other things. Think about it, store bought sunscreen has come about in recent years, what were people doing thousands of years prior? What about those who live in less advanced countries like that of western society, how do they avoid skin cancer? They use natural botanicals from their environments of course! If it’s good enough for them then it is good enough for us too, don't buy into the hype. There you have it. Next time your nosey co-worker comments on your fruit and coconut oil cleanse, educate her on what you know, why she’s missing out and how to stop being so darn nosey.

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